If you love make up and have an obsession with Harry Potter then I think I’ve just found your perfect heaven. You’ve heard of the Harry Potter eyeshadow palette yeah? It’s got a lot of greens, shimmery purples and browns so honestly I’m not too bothered about that, but hello wizard wand brushes!!! Yep you heard right I was just scrolling through Instagram and found Storybook Cosmetics how cool are these?
I’ve only really just started using brushes in the last few months and no joke I’ve found it’s really made a difference! At first it annoyed me because everything took longer and I love my sleep so anything that interrupts that is an instant no no..  Even foundation I applied with my fingers until I went to a make up workshop and the girl who was giving me a tutorial ( what felt like an exam ) she showed me how everything gives a better finish using a brush from foundation to eyebrows to putting on lipstick. 

The pre sale has already kicked off ans from what I’ve seen it looks like everyone’s going nuts for them! You also might like the fact that once shipped they will arrive in a nice velvet pouch to keep everything all nice and damage free, plus giving it that extra little wizard touch! Oh and when I found out the handles were made of metal alloy the first thing that came to mind… ‘isn’t that what alloy wheels are made from? Like seriously ?! It is right?’