I’ve only just found this out so I’m hoping I’m not the last to know but Missguided have released their own beauty range ! Yep that’s happened people!It’s glitzy, glam, glossy and unicorn heavy! What more could you want hey?

They’ve nailed it when it comes to fashion so am guessing this is gonna be another massive hit that’s gonna rinse out credit card! I haven’t tried anything yet ( as I’ve literally only just seen it all ) but I have just done a little online shopping spree…. it is a lazy Sunday morning after all.

Wanna play with getting a smokey eye ? TICK you wanna visit highlight heaven ? TICK you wanna pout the night away ? TICK and forget thinking it’s only lush providing bath bombs because missguided have got their own unicorn bubbles ( yes I know it sounds insane but look I’m not making it up ! )
If you’re into contouring ( personally I still haven’t mastered this yet but I am working on it! ) they have a kit that’s only £8 ! Which is amazing! £8 compared to the one I bought recently which cost a whacking £42! It bunt me it really did but after the sales assistant went to town on what the colours could do and the texture blah blah blah I was sold within two minutes … went to the till and I chocked on my spit! You know on of those Ines where you can’t say oh no sorry I thought it was cheaper so you reluctantly hand over your card as a queue is forming behind you…. So anyway yeah, I’m gutted I didn’t see this first!

From what I’ve seen the most expensive product is £20 so nothing that’s gonna break the bank … unless you order three of everything …. which is easy to do…