I want you to imagine going to bed tonight and then waking up tomorrow to absolute silence not hearing your alarm go off, not hearing the sound you make underneath the duvet when you’re turning around in bed, not hearing the running water when getting yourself a drink, no hearing your own voice when you’re shouting at the alarm for going off, or even the sound your shoes make on the floor when walking to the tube. Complete silence … what does that even sound like? Do you know what I mean? how would you feel? Would you panic? Freak out? Also how would you know if you were screaming, if you couldn’t hear it? it’s actually quite a petrifying thought to be surrounded in complete silence.  Think how isolated you would feel even if surrounded by all your friends because you’ll constantly be trying to read their lips whilst staying up with how fast the conversation is going… but think how fast people talk… would be extremely hard right?
I can’t imagine how it must feel to lose your hearing, having your whole world turn upside down. I didn’t know that it can happen to anyone, it doesn’t have to run in your family for you to all of a sudden lose your hearing, It can happen simply happen over time.
Today I learned how people’s lives have been changed by having a hearing dog, how much happiness, security, love and positivity they bring.
Now If I’m honest before I met all of the lovely guys at Hearing Dogs charity I didn’t know there were dogs specially trained for this, I had only heard about guide dogs.
I was shown around the whole grounds that hearing dogs use to train their dogs, met some of the amazing volunteers and some of the people who have benefited from the amazing help Hearing Dogs offer.

When I watched the dog demonstration I was completely overwhelmed by how intelligent they are by how eager they were to please, for those of you that might think these dogs are worked too hard or might not be enjoying it, I’ve seen with my own eyes how much they love the training and it looks as if they treat it like one big game ( which they’re bloody brilliant at! )

To be honest they put my two dogs to shame! The hearing dogs can distinguish between an alert sound to a danger noise and  a quick go wake up mummy sound. I kept thinking I bet Henry could do that followed by I know smudge couldn’t do that!

I’m gonna keep you up dated on my plans to do a big fundraiser for Hearing Dogs, I’ve jumped out of a plane, ran a marathon, Climbed a mountain ( sort of .. halfway ) What can I do this time to raise money? Suggestions welcome … NO BUNGEE JUMPING … It’s NEVER gonna happen, not on my list at all.