Yes my hand is up! I’ve piled on the holiday Chubb whilst I was away and it’s not the first or last time to happen!

A lot of people stress over being too healthy on holiday. I totally get it tho, you’ve been working hard for the last two months on a strict diet, no carbs or sugar and going to the gym 3 days a week forking out massive dollar dollar for a personal trainer just to get that bikini beach ready body!

Thing is when you’re on holiday it should mean just that …. Relax, Chill, Enjoy yourself. Whether it be an adventure holiday climbing up mountains or trekking or simply a beach holiday do not stress yourself out not having the little naughtilies you deserve.

For me chips with everything just goes perfectly! I took that picture when I ordered room service at Jumeirah Beach Hotel because it made me laugh, two omelettes which is healthy just great protein and chicken and vegetables … All destroyed with chips and toast hiding under that napkin! Ha ha

I love going to the gym to do quick intense circuits, I only train for 30 minutes I’m in and out literally otherwise I get bored, but I’m non Stop while I’m there. So in my head that means I can eat what I want because I’m working it off, same thing applies to when I’m on holiday. I know we’re all obsessed with getting that perfect picture of us on the beach looking all tanned and healthy in a bid to make everyone at home jealous because we know in just a few days time we’ll be coming back to join them in the rain and cold back home, but we ( and do ) filter the hell out of the photo anyway so why not have that ice cream and waffle you wanted at lunch and just take a step back from the camera and breathe in before you take the shot? ( come on we’ve all done that right? )

 I’m not saying OVER indulge shoving everything you can down your throat because believe me you will watch your belly pop out instantly while it hangs over your bikini bottoms whilst you’re sipping on your third pina colada on the beach and yes I have done this quite recently in fact, that dam all you can eat breakfast buffet in Dubai, I just can’t help myself, I feel I have to have 3 rounds just to get my money’s worth! At one point I was having vegetable gyoza’s with chicken sausages eggs and hash browns! You might think that was just disgusting but believe me I was in heaven.

I also went to an afternoon brunch which was the same kinda buffet with amazing food from all over the world, it had everything from sushi to Indian food to Mexican to a roast dinner stand to mojito huts to chocolate fountains…  I could go on…

I had a video showing you around Al Qasar in Dubai which was where we were, however I deleted it from my camera roll so you only check it out now on my Twitter @pandoratweets ( it’s my dam phone contestantly telling me my storage is full!! I hate it when that happens just as you’re getting the perfect shot )

So anyway while you’re on your summer holiday this year I’m gonna go against the rule book and tell you to eat and drink all the things you love! You’ve worked hard enough for it plus if you feel guilty all you gotta do it go for a walk or run on the beach in the morning job done! It should be more important about the quality of the food we eat rather than how much! Magazines, TV all types of media will all try and get you to think that only skinny is beautiful, we get so hung up on being a size 8 as its deemed the ‘perfect size’ Ive tried squeezing into a size 8 dress many times and just gave up in the end! Look whatever you are, small, thin, tall, medium, big, large we’re all beautiful you just have to be happy with who you are!