I wanted to keep you guys up-to-date with my house hunting search for a few reasons …

number one: This is a momentous moment in my life because I’m finally turning into a big girl ( like literally, I’m putting on weight as I’m writing this tucking into my second bag of Cheetos flaming hot ) Two: I blatantly love to overshare haven’t you noticed by now? and thirdly: It’s turned into a mini comedy show which has been so random and hilarious you simply have to know, let me explain …

For a start I’ve had to turn off my voicemails because the number of estate agents that call me and leave the most bizarre messages is ridiculous! last week I had a guy who I’ve seen twice for a few viewings call me up and tell me all about the date he went on from tinder over the weekend and how it ended up a huge disaster with her leaving him at the table to front the whole bill ( £162 ) then wraps up the phone call by saying “so I need to sell some property let’s go do some viewings I’ve got a great flat no garden needs a bit of love and doing up but it’s great, call me!”

A different guy from another company left me a message asking if I would consider living next to a prison as the property is very cheap and has just be reduced, I said no thank you very much. I’ve seen a flat on a main road which had cracks in the walls and there was blatant mould in two of the rooms, now when I said to the estate agent these walls are damp there’s a problem his reply was “oh no don’t worry about that it’s just mud on the wall because the vendor has a dog and when he runs in from the park he shakes and it goes everywhere” ?!? Ha ha are you thinking what I’m thinking? What kind of BS is this guy talking about ? There’s mould on the walls FACT!

Oh and there was another property I went to see where the tenants were still inside as they answered the door looking a little shocked and confused as they got the times wrong anyhow, they smiled sheepishly and said come in, they had quite obviously just finished a massive sex marathon from the mess in the bedroom to the knickers and bra on the floor from sweat dripping down their faces and both walking around in dressing gowns at 2.45 in the afternoon. Even the estate agent looked embarrassed ( I thought it was frigging hilarious )


If you’re looking to buy a house here’s the tea, you will spend hours and hours browsing through right move and you make so many calls to different estate agents you will forget who you’re talking to and what houses you’ve clicked on that you liked in the first place.
You also begin to hate your phone because every time it rings it will be someone else trying to sell you a house and quite honestly it just gets confusing.
You should definitely write a list of what you want, mine first was dedicated to my dream house in my dream area ( like if I won the lottery) so with no budget, I started to look and got the shock of my life when I realised that what I wanna get is 2.4 million pound house! I thought to myself wow … ok then, I work hard as it is BUT damn I’m gonna have to work even harder I need more days in the week, in fact I need more hours in the day!

So obviously it goes without saying, of course I started to write another list, believe me you will write loads narrowing down your search to what you really really want in a fantasy world to finally ending up with what you want according to your budget.

Now I’m quite lucky because I have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment to go out and do all of these viewings, I If you’re trying to juggle a long working day and go out house hunting It can be quite stressful because you have to sift through all the crap to get the goods.

You need to work out what is most important to you, whether you need outdoor space or is it you need a spare bedroom? a big kitchen if you’re thinking of having loads of friends over for dinner … there are certain things that you need to work out what is non-negotiable.
For me having a garden and being near a park are non negotiable. Oh and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I recently scraped my car going through a width restriction, so let’s just say I need to have a parking space now or at least not live on a thin road where cars are parked on both sides I obviously need the space!

My living room needs to be big as it is where I spend most of my time sitting on the sofa while Henry licks my feet chewing on my toenails and I’m tucking into my next Netflix drama.
Even though all the drama I’m actually really enjoying looking for my home even though I’ve been doing it now for six weeks and I still haven’t found the perfect place, BUT I know It’s out there, I just need to keep on searching.