There are not many things in life that annoy me or get on my nerves in fact, I actually think I’m quite tolerant of a lot of things however, this is a shout out to the guy on the tube farting, burping and acting like an absolute nob on the Victoria line at 3:45 this afternoon. Those of you that know me will know I found the loud farting absolutely hilarious for the first few minutes but when I tell you this guy stunk out the whole carriage with his burnt cabbage and eggy stinks, I mean it, It was serious GAG YUK!
This guy who I will name as Mr Pops, was a good looking guy in a blue suit with dark brown hair and a weird stare that he would hold If you dared look at him in the eyes. He obviously had the same sense of humour as me as he was laughing away as we all crammed by the doors of the tube, gasping for air as soon as the train came to the next stop, I mean come on dude he wasn’t even putting his hand over his mouth when he was burping you must be thinking he was drunk… He wasn’t, he was just making life hell for us all during that short journey, swearing at everyone who asked him move down, yes I could’ve changed carriages but it was busy and I only had three stops to go by the time he came and all I could think about was how much it was getting on my nerves couldn’t he just stop now that we’ve all been gagging for the last 4 minutes however he was laughing to himself and STILL making the loudest foghorns from his BUTT. I’ve never seen anything like it. What the hell had he been eating? Look when something is funny don’t overdo It because it then just becomes annoying.
So anyway this got me thinking about all the things I do that must get on people’s nerves, here’s five of them enjoy:
– Laughing when I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about
– Saying GO ON every few minutes in a conversation that I have no idea what’s about.
– Getting distracted by my phone at dinner/ mid conversation/ in a meeting …
– Wanting complete silence when I’m watching TV ( please don’t start asking me questions when I’m halfway through an episode because I find that annoying )
– My memory … I can do a radio show, learn how to drive, jump out of a plane and parachute myself to safety from 10 thousand feet but ask me to remember someone’s name I’ve just met or a conversation I had 3 weeks ago …!?! Haven’t a clue mate.