There is no Magic answer where you can leave a relationship and be perfectly okay, it just doesn’t happen unless you are never in love with the person in the first place. Getting over a relationship and moving on is one of the hardest things that you’ll have to do in life and I’m sure you’ll have to deal with this many times.

Every relationship is unique and fixing a broken heart can take some people years, others months, some days and for those coldhearted people out there a matter of hours.
I used to be the kind of person who could sit through one of the saddest films and while all my mates are crying around me I’ll be sitting there going that was a great film… The older I get the more emotional I’ve become, I balled my eyes out at Wall-E and Dead Pool 2 and I was a total mess watching Avengers Infinity War!

Going through a breakup is unfortunately what every one of us will experience at one point in our lives, how we deal with it is so important. There’s the messy breakup, the I hate you for life breakup, the ghosted breakup where you never get closure because your partner just disappeared off the face of the earth, the ultimatum breakup, the we’re better off as best friends breakup, the Jeremy kyle version of : I’ve been dating your mum breakup and the notorious dumped by text breakup.

Some of these breakups are easier than others but hey, look at it this way, there are worse things on the horizon that can hurt you way more than a break up, like stepping on a plug that’s stupidly left sticking upwards on the floor right by the bed, or how about failing an exam by 2-3 marks ( Ughhhhhhhh this was me in maths I was 2 marks away from a C instead I had to tell my parents that I got a D ) or how about accidentally sending the wrong text when you’ve blatantly had a few too many … I could go on here … you get what I’m saying, at the time of a breakup your whole world comes crashing down and everything seems to go wrong however I’ve got a few tips that might put a smile back on your face or at least give you some comfort for a few hours whilst reading this :


There is no allocated time as to when you’ll get over your break up so stop counting the days and get rid of that calendar marking every day as if it’s gonna help you. Personally, I’d fill your time with other projects, get down at the gym, sign up to that new class you’ve had your eye on for ages ( and that new PT ). Get your mates round for pizza night and start looking at BorrowMyDoggy ( there’s nothing like puppies filling up your heart with a load of fluffy goodness, all your troubles will fastly fade away ) DO NOT stay in every night hoping that Netflix will keep you occupied because you’re mind will wander tears will come and you’ll reach for your phone ABORT ABORT ABORT
 It’s so hard not to constantly keep an eye on everything they’re doing whether it be Facebook Instagram Snapchat or Twitter you might of unfollowed them but we all know you have their username ready at the tap and you check it just before you go out, the moment you wake up and just before you go to sleep you have a little check just see what they’re up to… Stop now stop because you’re becoming One of those Internet stalkers!! Also don’t bother deleting their number straight away because you’ve blatantly memorised it and will keep adding it back then deleting it … Yeah we’ve all done this!
Sometimes when leaving A relationship one of the first things you do is try to date someone else to fill the void of that missing person you once considered your soulmate. know this, Being single is actually empowering, You will have a lot more time on your hands to be productive and get all those things done you kept saving for another day as you needed to spend all your spare time with your partner. Go on a dating detox, spend money on yourself, Hell yeah buy yourself some presents ( don’t feel guilty about this ) DO NOT let your friends instantly set you up on dates with new guys/girls at work or their friends, friends, friend. The rebound is normally a waste of time, an instant confidence boost yeah, but why waste your time and money when you can work on boosting yourself for free. Take some time out after your breakup, You need it!
We’ll know after break up you shut yourself indoors don’t really wanna speak to anyone in fear they’ll bring up the name of the person who has broken your heart so you stick on Netflix for the eight-night in a row down a tub of ice cream and Pringles are in a constant flow. Even though you will do this no matter how hard you try not to get yourself outside and meet up with your friends after all we’ve been blasting them the past couple of years it’s time to get your friendship back! Try and use the extra time you have to do new things like climb up the Shard, go swimming in the Serpentine, go to the gym start up a new martial art, set up a come dine with me experience between you and all your mates whatever you do try not to become that couch potato shunning out the outside world whilst crying at disney films.