Have you realised how obsessed we’ve all become by being accepted on social media? I’ve just woke up and first thing I’ve done ( apart from call up my dog who’s now tucked in under the covers in between my legs ) is check my phone. It’s that look to see who’s tweeted me, what’s going on with Facebook? What have I missed? Has anyone text me?

 Yesterday my mate Mike showed me a picture of his phone when he got up at 1o.30am and it had nothing … No messages no tweets no updates no likes on insta, nothing…It was as if the world had ended and the apocalypse had happened over night meaning 28 days later was now a reality!

Thing is I would feel exactly the same if I turned my phone on in the morning and got nada, I would panic that somethings wrong or contact with the world had just stopped for some diastrous reason! Ha ha  I am obsessed with social media, probably not in a healthy way either. If I had to be stranded on a desert island somewhere and could only take 1 thing with me it wouldn’t be my purse or food or water, it would be my phone … Even though there probably wouldn’t be any service or network working on this remote island so the most sensible thing would be to take sun cream but nope my final answer is still my phone as I will sit in the shade staring at my phone to make it work.

 A couple of weeks ago I met my mate Toni  who has a wicked blog lostitgirl.com she’s hilarious check her out! Anyway we met up had some amazing cocktails and sat in silence for ages because we were happy doing our thing on our phones… Now to someone looking at us from another table you might think wow they’ve got no chat or that we’re the most boring people ever sitting there in silence… Which I can totally understand only because you don’t know us.

 We love being on our phones checking out what’s going on, using that dam snap chat filter that has changed our lives and keeping in contact. So my point here is how to not give a dam about what people think. You wanna spend all night on your phone? Do it! You wanna wear that kinky dog collar Do it! You wanna be a YouTube star? Do it! You wanna dye your hair purple ? Do it! You got a foot fetish? Roll with it ! We spend far too much time thinking about what other people might be judging us on and wondering what will they say behind my back?  The funny thing about all this is while we’re worrying about what these other people might be judging us on they’re doing the exactly the same thing!!!! Which is funny right? You can’t stop people from judging you BUT you can stop it from affecting you! That’s what you have a middle finger for right? ( only joking you know I don’t swear )

 It’s impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations so the only thing you need to worry about is YOU. What do you want to do? How do YOU wanna live your life? What makes YOU happy?

It’s also near impossible to be liked by everyone, especially in this profession as there’s always gonna be people who don’t agree with your opinion or might not like your choices or doesn’t think your style is right etc… The best thing I’ve learnt and believe me it took a while, is that it’s best to be loved by a few people rather than try and be loved by absolutely everyone. People will hate, once you’ve accepted that all you can do it let them waste their energy and hate and relish in the fact that while it doesn’t bother you, it will bother them sooooooo much more!!!