Ok guys, so after about 4 months of searching and bugging James it’s finally happened!!! We’ve got another dog! A 5 month old female Old Thyme Bulldog from the Wilson’s in Northolt!

Now I’ve always said getting a puppy is too much work and that we should get an older female as they require round the clock attention and you need to be so firm  with puppies ( now I’mthe biggest push over so this is extra hard for me )

However as soon as we met her we fell in love and Henry was non stop playing with her so it was a match made in heaven! Also her name was fudge and weeks ago I said to James that I want our new dog to be called smudge sooooo fudge smudge … Almost the same right? 

So day 1 has been a success, apart from a massive poo upstairs on the carpet and one behind the speakers in the living room :/ she has been settling in perfectly, Henry’s had to tell her off a few times when he wanted quiet time but she’s responded so well!

Now it’s so important that Henry feels loved and knows that he’s number 1. He’s older and will be in charge of her as her older brother. So we’ve been showering them both in so much love and making sure she knows her boundaries.

Now if you had asked me a year ago about creating a pup I would of said no that’s cruel… That’s what I’ve always thought, I never really researched it. But by listening to people who are a lot more experienced in puppies than I am we have brought her a crate to make a den out of and you know what? She loves it! Last night she slept in it ( with only a few barks at first ) all night she was sound asleep till we got her out at 7am 🙂 

She looked so cosy inside and had her teething toys with her. We had two blankets over the top of the crate to make it nice and dark and she really likes it in there.

I’m going to keep you up to date with our doggie antics as I’ve never had two dogs before so know this is gonna be a wild adventure…. Just know this, if you’re a friend of mine I’m probably gonna be a bit anti social as I can’t leave the house not because I don’t trust the dogs together but I just can’t leave their really cute faces!!!!!