There is a lot of hate in the world at the moment and with online bullying and us always striving to do better and be better it’s so easy for us to get down and consumed by it all worrying are we being productive enough? Should I be doing more?

Being someone who is social media obsessed ( I can’t help but think there is a lot of similarities between me and Jack Black‘s character and Jumanji which is out today by the way, check it out its brilliant, oh and did I mention to you I’ve met THE ROCK !?? Yep I hugged him twice and I died straight after … literally died!
Anyway enough of that otherwise I won’t stop banging on about it!

Sometimes I find it’s so easy to get side tracked ( just like I did above banging on about the ROCK ) I could be doing something important but minutes later I’m scrolling through Instagram or looking through twitter finding out what’s going on in the world,  about six months ago I wanted to keep up-to-date on my blog by banging out atleast two a week, it lasted for about three weeks and then I just had those days/weeks/months where I literally come home play with my dog and watch Netflix originals ( just finished SINNER if you haven’t seen it yet check it out !It’s soooo good wiat for the twist at the end )
I wanted to share with you a few tips on what has helped me become more productive recently:


I know this might sound dated but this really helps me focus on what I need to get done otherwise simple things like writing an email or remembering to go buy my mates birthday present this actually gets done and I don’t feel like such a failure!


I have a dog so I don’t really need any excuses to get distracted I can just stare at him kissing his forehead, talk to him like a baby etc … I don’t need to go on I think you get the gist of it. If you’ve got a lot of work you need to do go to a coffee shop, sit in a restaurant and do your thang! Changing it up will help your mind concentrate.


Since being single I’ve actually learned to appreciate time on my own and not have to fill every gap in my day with being around someone I’m actually way more productive alone and get more done, basically because I’m a chatterbox and don’t leave silences … unless I’m watching TV then everyone needs to shut up!


I am the worst for this I think I have my phone in my hand pretty much 90 percent of my day although that probably never going to change I notice how distracting it can be when I’m meant to be doing something on my phone vibrates and instantly and reading an article on how a dog saved a pigeons life .. yep I’m click bait easy.


It’s so easy for something menial to destroy your whole day, I recently mucked up at work and it was totally my fault which wound me up for the rest of the day, I kept beating myself up about it which made the rest of my show crap and it just proves that stressing over things and letting it get to you is the worst thing, because once it’s done there’s nothing you can do to change it it’s the past, get over it! The same applies to social media when someone tries to have a dig at you or say something nasty it can ruin your whole day and you end up worrying about what they think about you and how you can change their perception BUT why give them that power? Why give two ducks what some bigot thinks? Peoples nastiness is their own problem you keep doing your thing and being productive let them waste their time on hating, as you win by doing nothing and getting all your own bits done with a massive smile on your face! Now go do you!