Sometimes do you ever just think what the hell is going on?  This morning whilst walking my dogs I was thinking about my last driving lesson this week and then drifted into who was the first person to build an engine that fits into the bonnet of a car that needs fuel taken from millions of miles under the earths surface that gives it juice to make it move so that it can take us anywhere we want … Who built the gear box? and who then obviously went screw those hill starts and forget trying to find that biting point I’m done! here’s the automatic ? Who did that?  I know I can google all the answers to these questions and probably will when I get from hiding under this tree, it’s pouring down with rain right now and my dogs are loving it in the park, I’m blatantly not because it feels like only a week ago I was in Dubai sunning it up in 42 degrees and now I’m in my joggers, coat on and hiding from the rain STILL getting soaked! 

Anyway I’m just letting you know what goes on in my head… Like sometimes I wonder who first decided we needed to drink milk from cows ? You must of questioned this before too? Did they drink it from the cow exactly like the calf they watching and just join in? 

Then that person passed on the baton said Yep tastes good and hey we need calcium so let me fill up a cup and let’s all down it and hang on, while we’re here why is it that we only drink cows and goats milk? What about dogs? Sheep? Donkey? Pig? How about lemur milk? Or horse milk? And has anyone actually tried it? 

They probably have right? I think if you think of something … Like anything really really weird I bet someone, somewhere in the world has done it! It’s all been done before even if they don’t wanna admit it. Also another thing I can’t get my head around is the sea! No one knows how deep the deepest part of it is plus there’s still over 101 species we don’t know about swimming around doing their thing deep down there without a care in the world.

But if we don’t know about them how can we know there’s exactly 101 unknowns? Are people just making this stuff up and we’re believing it? Or did I just make that up? Where did I read that? I’m sure I did somewhere?  Who knows?! 

These are just a few thoughts that sometimes swirl around my head on a daily basis when you think I’m listening to your conversation but actually I’m drifting away thinking about the wonders of the world and how I can find out the truth… Obviously I should stop watching the X Files and everything else on that dam Sy Fy channel but I’ve got all this time off what else do you want me to do?? Anyway it’s all normal stuff we should be questioning, Nothing to worry about … As you were!