It’s been a long time I’ve spent a friday night home alone, feels weird.
I completely mixed up my days and thought I was meeting my mate AJ for a spin session and It so happens it’s NEXT friday … not this one ! Woooops! Also my mate chris has been trying to get hold of me for two days and when I finally called him back ( when I should of been running…. I ended up walking around the park instead… walking is still burning calories right ?? ) anyway he said that I’m so unorganised and a nightmare and It was annoying!! Harsh but quite true, he’s not the first person to say that, I didn’t argue I just agreed.

So I’ve decided to have a clean out and a diary update. I’ve spent the last hour on and off cleaning the house while playing with the dogs ( I’m easily distracted ) and now I’ve decided to go through all my emails write down all things I’ve said yes to and to set alarms on things I need to remember.
I had a bit of a shock when I looked at my emails and my inbox said 86 unread texts 13 unread 10 updates needed and 4 reminders that were long over due … how long has It been like that ? Is that normal? It annoys me that I’m so disorganised, so I’m having a 24 hour inbox detox ! ( I like the sound of that )

Living in London Is so go go go, we’re always busy always doing something and some of us ( ME ) are almost always on our phones, So how come I miss so much and still get confused over where I’m meant to be or what I’m doing? Anyway tonight I’m going through EVERYTHING deleting, replying, sorting out dates setting alarms and putting everything into the calendar. I used to have a paper diary and fill it with brightly coloured post it notes but then I’d forget to check It everyday so still miss important things and have no idea I’m meant to be doing something when I’m currently sat in the garden soaking up the sun with a white chocolate magnum….
I’ve only got one fear… If everything Is on my phone will I now become even more addicted to it? Will I just sellotape It to my hand so It’s always there? staring at me ? ready for me ? waiting for me to touch it? and what happens If I lose It ?? I’m screwed right? totally screwed just like the ther week when the screen smashed and I couldn’t get It fixed for 3 weeks and cost a whacking £100 JUST FOR THE SCREEN!

Anyway off to inbox detox I go …. see you on the other side…. If you’ve been waiting for a reply from me …. It will happen In the next few hours …. promise :))