The thing with me, is that once I get addicted to something I’m full on in! Like there’s no going back I’m in it for the long haul! Since doing my first tandem jump about a month ago I knew this was going to happen.

 Over the weekend I did another tandem jump with the army parachute association in Netheravon and I did my first solo jump with the AFF level 1 course! Now those of you that know me, know that I’m not really high on common sense, I’m also not great with maths or dealing in panic situations… I kind of get all flustered and go into shutdown mode making a right fool of myself,  so for me learning how to jump out of a plane not attached to a strong guy who does everything for you is a MASSIVE thing! 

The training I did on Saturday was AWESOME and everyone that I met was so encouraging and helpful! 

Now when I finished training the next thing for you to do is actually put everything you’ve learned into action and JUMP, however the weather wasn’t  good all day so I kinda talked myself out of doing it as I thought Sunday would have me up being my first jump, but all of a sudden I see my name up there on the manifest… going in 20 minutes!!!! Ahhhhhhhh que the Seth Platter ….. time for the toilet and boy did I lose about 2 pounds in there !! Plus I started to sweat BIGTIME! It was like I had stepped into a sauna fully clothed! How could it be my time ? I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast let alone everything I’ve just learned!!!

So we’re sitting in the plane and I’ve got about a million and one things whizzing around my head! One was my favourite meal, I kept thinking about spaghetti bolognaise !! ( no joke I remember thinking how hungry I was for one! So strange ) anyway The instructors I had with me were brilliant, we went through all the safety checks I was going to do when in free fall and what the signs meant if they needed me to do something!

Then the plane door opened…. Ahhhhhh are you serious?!? This is actually happening!! I met this amazing girl on the place who was on her AFF course too but way ahead of me on levels and she was doing an unstable exit jump !!! When I saw her back somersault out the door I wish you could of seen the look of horror on my face!!! I think I felt sick.

Right here we go, time for me to go… I get to the door “hotel check in…OK …. Hotel check out…OK”

The next thing I know is that I’m flying 13,000ft above the Salisbury plains!!! I went through my drills and kept checking my watch ( alti meter ) as soon as I hit 6,000ft it was time to pull my parachute!! Yes I pulled my own chute!!! 

Next came the part I was dreading… Please let this parachute have no malfunctions I really don’t wanna have to cut and pull the reserve! I was absolutely bricking it! I count one thousand two thousand three thousand four thousand and look up… PHEW all good ( well from what I could see as I wasn’t wearing my glasses screw being short sighted! ) now canopy checks and control! 

We have a radio attached to our helmet and the moment I heard that voice talking me down saying hello and how well I’d done I was shouting YAY!!!!! Hi!!! even though I know it’s not talk back and he couldn’t hear me ( in fact no one could hear me from up there ) I started shouting back and screaming and waving hello with my feet, I was so happy to hear his voice, like my hero had come to save me!! Ha ha it was just nice as I didn’t feel alone up there!! Even tho at one point I think I started talking to myself for a while as if I was standing in front of me?! It was very Weird I know but it gave me comfort so screw it! So, feeling good getting down to the drop zone making sure I’m landing into wind all of a sudden I get distracted by what the guy in the red and white canopy is doing I forget that I’m traveling pretty fast towards land FLARE!!!! Quick FLARE!!!! Pull the dam toggles down Pandora!!! I’m like a puppy getting distracted by the flicker of a candle! What an idiot! Whoops my bad … I land with a massive THUD!! Instead of the proper landing I go feet first then hands !?!? OUCH! Yep! My fingers HURT!! Why did I do that?

Then comes the adrenalin rush!!! I can’t believe what just happened I’ve been flying through the air and got myself down in my own parachute!!! And I bet you thought I couldn’t do it! 

Sorry not many pictures this time and non of the actual solo jump but I was absolutely bricking it so wasn’t really thinking of getting the perfect shot !