Is it ok to fart in front of your partner?

I can’t believe I’ve actually just googled that question to see if there’s anyone out there that agrees with me!

Basically I find it funny, in fact I find it ridiculously hilarious and although it stinks I believe couples should laugh at it and not be embarrassed seeing that it’s something that we all have to do… It’s meant to come out right? Ask any doctor … If you keep it in all the time for fear of anyone looking at you and thinking you’re disgusting it can cause you problems in the future.

Now the reason I’m bringing this up is because James hates it, he hates me doing it, hates me laughing at it, hates me doing it in the bed, in the car, on the sofa, next to him in a shop… Just anywhere basically.

I remember when we were dating and whenever I could feel one brewing I would  panic and hold it in every time or just walk away talking ( all of a sudden ) really loudly so he can’t hear it. 

Now the problem with this was that when we were dating he must of thought I just never did it? When obviously I’m a healthy human who does, so he has had the shock within the few years that I can make the house rumble… Ha ha ha

Luckily I have two dogs now so most of the time I blame it on them which does work perfectly ….. Most of the time.

Of course I want him to find it as funny as I do but were a few years in now and he STILL gets annoyed when I own up to it being me. So I think the only way forward is for me to blame the dogs…. Thing is I have this obvious giggling fit straight after he covers his nose with his T-Shirt and starts gagging! And shouting out who the hell did that!? ( I’m laughing now ha ha ha  ) also which I find very strange he’s told me he can tell the difference between me and the dogs as we all have distinct smells?! I’ve tested him a few times and 99% of the time he is right! even when I blatantly lie …. Which I find bang out of order, just because he’s ALWAYS right! Ugh!