Now those of you that know me are gonna definitely have your say on this, but after being told off THREE times tonight for finding it hilarious , I thought I’d vent off a little and see if you agree?

For some reason it’s in my blood to be late for anything social… ( I’m never late for work mind you… Well there was this one time I got confused with the shift time and I thought I was working on Saturday night in fact it was meant to be Friday morning! When I got the call from the boss saying where are you, you can imagine me stuttering and blubbering searching for some kind of proof that I was right when obviously I wasn’t and some poor guy had to pull a double shift because I hadn’t turned up…Oh it was awful…. But that’s another story ) 

Now I don’t know weather it’s because I spend ages faffing around while getting ready with the TV on, looking at Twitter, going to the kitchen to find a snack, dogs jumping all over me make up going all over the place, that I get side tracked and don’t realise the time until it’s too late and everyone’s already there, or is it just that I have no conception of time and need to buy a watch as i am being really rude.

I have one close mate that recently had a right go at me because he said it takes the mick, which it does, so in defence I replied “why are you on time if you KNOW I’m gonna be about 30 minutes late? Don’t turn up on time then… It’s your fault” as you can tell, it didn’t go down too well :/

Also tonight I was arranging a night out for Saturday and my mate said “well if I say lets meet at 7.30 I know you won’t turn up till about 9 so let’s go with that and we’ll meet you there” of course I laughed, but seriously am I THAT bad ? Probably yes, but who really turns up dead on time to something? Like really? We’re all a bit late right? It’s not soooo bad to be 1o … 15 …. Maybe 20 minutes late right? Would you take it to heart and get annoyed ? Or just think screw it lets all be late? You know what? I’ve never been plagued with the on time bug and I don’t think it’s ever gonna get me! 

Thing is, the more wound up people get about it the funnier it gets for me…. Which is awful right? Maybe I should just never say a time and hope for the best Plus if im honest with you, I’m the first to disappear home right after the 7th jäger bomb is downed leaving everyone else hammered!! Ha ha only three words for it …. NIGHT NIGHT FAMILY!!!