Yep, it’s  the silence before the storm, you can sense the ship coming into port and ready to explode… 

Yesterday James was doing all the right things, cooked me dinner, Took the dogs out for a walk, let me pick the film on Netflix … But still I was in a mood and he could tell, he says its all in my eyes he can always tell when somethings wrong, basically I would be useless at poker because I am an awful liar my mouth says one thing and my eyes say something completely different ( Note to self , I need to work on that ) 

No don’t worry every month I’m not going to do a blog about how I feel on my period, even though it is nice just to justify my moodiness but I thought I’d give a few tips to guys who are trying to make sense of it all every time it comes to  your girlfriends “time of the month”

– Even tho you are right, NEVER blame any argument on “oh it’s that time of the month” it will just infuriate us

– The first day of the dreaded period is usually the worse so note this date down for future reference! It will help your relationship trust me

– Presents!!! Chocolates, ice cream, pizza you name it, we want it

– We’re emotional ( well I am anyway ) so bare this in mind when you’re trying to reason with us

– We’re constantly trying to shift our bodies into a position that stops the stomach cramps and backache from bothering us so if you wanna earn extra points have some neurofen or ibuprofen to hand

– Don’t give us short answers on text, this is a big no no because we can read so much into it, James is the worse I ask a question and because he’s aware I’m feeling delicate he’ll text me back simple answers like yes… no.. might do… Yep you got it, These will cause an argument 

– Finally don’t be jealous of the dogs ( if you have them ) because on this day they can do no wrong all you wanna do is sit on the sofa with them laying on your tummy chewing on a bonio watching a silly horror movie… don’t tell the dogs to get down and off the sofa …. Nooooo NOT TODAY!!!