If you’ve been been wondering where I’ve been for the last five months I hope you’ve got a spare few minutes to read this as It’s been pretty adventurous!

I’ve changed jobs, been house hunting, saved a dog from drowning in the fountains In Battersea park, met a girl who I knew when I was 15 at school ( the first thing she said to me was you’re Pandora aren’t you .. ? The one with the funny head brace !!! Yes I used to wear one at school, I hated It with a passion, what can I say I had mash up teeth when I was younger )
I’m learning Spanish, I have a tutor with classes once a week. ( plus I’m doing duo lingo on my phone which is brilliant by the way  I highly recommend It! ) I’ve ran a half marathon, got dumped,  I’ve helped break a guiness world record for the longest continuous dance marathon relay with Tesco Dance Beats, I’ve given away 30 grand on air and I am literally a few weeks away from exchanging on my new flat … so as you can tell I’ve been pretty busy…

The funny thing is I’m hardly the best at organising anything but somehow I’m managing to keep an eye on things this year I’ve set reminders in my phone for literally everything! ( oh and I’ve had everyone around me help me out too)

So as you know I have moved radio stations, I’ve gone back home to the place where my radio career first started out, which is  about 11 years ago when I was handing out flyers for Heart as part of their promo team. I cannot belive I’m saying this but I am sooo proud to say I now present my own show ( 10am-1pm ) on Heart and couldn’t be happier, I had three months off for gardening leave at the beginning of the year which I spent getting loads of sleep, going on the longest dog walks blistering up my feet in the cotswolds, getting lost in the fields whilst meeting some very angry cows that I thought were gonna kill me, going on holiday ,learning Spanish and I’ve been house hunting

I dread to think how much time I spent looking through rightmove morning noon and night, as soon as I woke up in the morning I’d be having a quick check to see what’s available, most of the time looking at my dream houses that were millions and millions of pounds out of reach. One day I thought screw It,  I’m gonna take a look around these massive houses why not? I got all dressed up in some expensive clothes and pretended I was some kinda boujee boss bish, as you can imagine I fell in love with them all.

There was this mews in chelsea that was up at 2.8mill and when I turned up the look on the estate agents face was priceless, because in that moment he knew I was wasting his time, strange how we all make judgments based on appearances even tho in this case he was absolutely right! He still he took me around and was pleasant enough, I was like a big kid in a massive sweet shop running around all the huge rooms, I think I said wow a million times! I couldn’t hide my amazement!

It had a big green spiral staircase from the living room to the two en suite bedrooms upstairs, there was a small doggy play room and the kitchen was literally shinning very prestige with black and white finishings which looked like something right out of the future with everything at the touch of a button.

On the completely other end of the spectrum I’ve seen flats that were fliterally alling down with mould and cracks all over the walls, carpet flooring that looked like something from a crime scene and a flat that had a a bedroom you couldnt even get to because the door opened out onto the bottom of the bedpost so you had to do a breathe in walk sideways like a crab kinda movement to get in? They should of had it down as a studio and taken the door off the hinges.

One day I was shown a two bed that had no stairs to get the bedroom’at the moment’ as the place needed ‘a bit of work’ My favourite catastrophe was this one flat that had a roof garden, It was out of my budget but it had dropped loads In price so I thought maybe I could haggle It If I really loved it. When I got there I could see it needed redecorating and freshening up big time, the carpets smelt, the wallpaper was like something out of the 70s and the kitchen was the size of the tolilet, at the end of the showing I was like hang on where’s the roof garden ? She was like oh it’s down the communal hallway, So we stepped into a big cupboard like room and climbed through a window to get out onto the concrete jungle !!! Pictures can be sooo decieving, like where was this roof terrace paradise I saw on the brocheure? For a start my dog will break his legs trying to jump in and out of the window and then I was told the seller wasn’t going to drop the price because the apartment was too much of a hot catch ?!  ha Needless to say I never went back there for a second viewing.

I’ve seen flats down the back of a bingo alley with no windows in the bedroom and living room and a bathroom where the toilet was practically in the shower ? I was told this was all the range now and that the seller was making great use of the space ! ( I love a good salesman ! )

In the end I met a lovely couple in my local park who were selling their home and I already knew them as I had met them several times as they have dogs . I went round there home with my boy Henry and he made himself right at home jumping on the sofa humping their cushions and making full use of the rug by scraping his bum on it. I was sooo embarrassed!

I was looking back at my previous blogs and it was only two years ago I was saying I wouldn’t buy house as I’m not having kids I’m not getting married and I can’t ever see someone wanting to live with me and my dog, cut to eight months later I’m searching for my forever home looking forward to roping in all my friends to help me move and already planning decorating it to make it all homely. I’m so happy I finally found the perfect little place I’m gonna call home and I can’t wait to share the good news once I actually get the keys in my hands I’m probably gonna cry. The only bad part about buying a place is seeing all that money you’ve spent years saving up and worked hard for just disappear out of your account never to be seen again … I keep saying to myself It’s an investment It’s the best thing you’ve decided to do so stop whinning and wave good bye to that cash!