Being self-employed has its ups and downs, especially whilst trying to keep yourself happy.

The ups are that It will keep you driven to constantly work harder and to never slack because you simply don’t get paid to laze around watching another addictive Netflix series ( wouldn’t that be an amazing job )

Being in control of when you work and how work is great but how do you juggle your personal and work life to equal the perfect balance? I go through periods where I don’t see any of my mates as sometimes I work seven days a week and other times I don’t have much going on so end up going out all the time. I am not the most organised person on the planet, neither will I ever be, however I am learning how to manage everything to keep my mental health happy and healthy.

From the moment I wake up my brain starts thinking about emails, blogging, social media, meetings ( that I blatantly have forgotten and double booked ) Friends that I haven’t seen in ages and have forgotten to reply too and what deadlines I’ve missed. I can be an awful person, I hate the word flaky I absolutely hate it but there have been periods of my life I have been exactly that, and I know a few of my mates who will be reading this will be thinking finally she’s admitted it ha ha

You might have noticed I haven’t even blogged in a few weeks because I simply haven’t made the time to do it. This is something I love doing and it stresses me out when I keep making excuses that number one I’m too tired and two I’ll do it tomorrow. I hate that kind of attitude if it’s something you love doing make the time to do it, simples.

Losing touch with my mates is a big problem of mine I’ve done it for years I get so wrapped up in work and my own bubble that I don’t even pick up the phone to the people who have been with me since day one, so that’s not gonna happen anymore because losing my mates is not an option.

Working too much is also a problem, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to earn as much money as you can ( I wanna be very very rich ) however you need to have just you time, no phone no social media, no events to pop into, no Instagram posts no answering emails just you sitting down watching TV maybe going to a spa, reading a book, or playing with your dog in my case.

I’ve started using my diary and setting alarms on my phone and I know this is going to sound stupid but even if I need to call someone back I now set an alarm on my phone to do it and it’s actually working. I used to stick post-it notes all around my bedroom which worked for a bit but I can’t deal with the mess so don’t bother doing that plus my dog run used to run off with half of them thinking it’s a game so it didn’t end up well.

Make sure you schedule alone time during the week/end or a few evenings in the week where you literally are doing nothing, this is something you don’t need to feel guilty about nor should you compromise If something else comes up. We all need time out, being uber busy doesn’t always equal you being super successful. The real winners in life are those who have a perfect balance between working hard and keeping their mind happy by having the time to celebrate every success along the way no matter how small or large.

We all need those nights where we can block the whole world out.