The fight for the seat on the tube is REAL!!!!

For some reason I woke up really early again… something about panicking I won’t wake up on time on a Monday because I’ve had two days over the weekend to get my body out of sync. I checked my alarm on my phone about 4 times last night because I kept thinking I hadn’t done it right! Proper annoying OCD moment which was heightened even more because my charger was downstairs and I kept thinking what if the battery runs out and turns the phone off ?!?! ( I had 64% which was more than enough to last the night ) So bang on 6.15am my alarm goes off, I’m up ready and leave so early I surprised myself.

The bonus of getting up this early is that I miss commuter trains, I hate them, I hate queuing on the platform waiting to get crammed in on a sweaty train looking at everyone’s angry pead off faces as they give you the evils for ramming yourself in. 

Now I thought I was in a great mood this morning as I was extra early and wearing my new favourite dress which I got for £1 in the ASOS sample sale!! Anyway I get on the tube and it’s surprisingly packed I notice one seat in the middle of the carriage and as I go for it a guy who just got on was doing the same thing, so there was an awkward no you go, no it’s ok you go moment… even though I was saying to him go for it I still darted and almost hop skipped jumped to it doing the dam hurdles over people’s bags!! I was so embarrassed as my brain and body obviously meant one thing while my heart and head were aiming to do another. The tube doors closed and it started with a jolt so I ended up falling onto it anyway to complete my embracing moment so I sat there and didn’t look up, stared at my phone and wrote this !!! Ha ha ha