So for the past few weeks, we’ve all been glued to the TV 9 pm on the dot phones put on do not disturb and Twitter is up ready with #loveisland. I’m not even going out on a Friday anymore because I can’t miss out and hate reading what’s happened before I get the chance to on catch up it. We already know what I think about whats app groups and I even surprised myself by being involved in two that are solely to do with love island, So I think it’s safe to say we’re all slightly obsessed .. if not slightly majorly. I mean has there been a day you haven’t mentioned love Island? Or read about it? Or commented on it?

I’ve seen there are loads of us that have gone and got ourselves that love island water bottle ( it’s £15 ) I don’t even take bottles to the gym so why I bought one I don’t know? So I can sit on the sofa and drink from it while pretending I’m in the villa staring at Alex whilst he works out? Ummm maybe that doesn’t sound like such a bad Idea after all.. ha ha If you didn’t already know they’re available to buy from the Love Island app which is free but If you’re obsessed with the show like me then I’m sure you’ve already downloaded it!

Anyway cue Primark and cue the famous Love Island one liners that have had us cracking up since day 1, quotes like “I Got A Text” #Muggy #AbsoluteMelt and my new favourite one 100 % My Type On Paper!! Primark has cashed In with this one as you can buy all of these quotes on T-Shirts. They’ve even got Marcels “I used To Be In Blazing Squad” Tee. They start at £6 and are available to buy today!

If you thought that was good enough they’re gonna be branching out to the Love Island ‘slogan sock’ and bags too, I’m gonna try and get a few of the tees today because I am that obsessed, but I bet you they will have already sold out… If I manage to bag one I’ll upload it on here later! Wish me luck because you know It’s gonna be crazy In Primark today, Remember when they have their boxing day sales and everyone goes on like it’s supermarket sweep jumping onto the shelves tearing clothes outta other people’s hands, people grabbing everything In sight because they don’t wanna miss out on a bargain others getting punched in the queue If they think you’ve pushed In or got something better than they have…. it’s like a riot in there and you leave feeling as If you’ve just been through a tumble dryer on maximum speed … If It’s like that today maybe I’ll just walk on by and wait for the most boring day of the week .. nobody shops on a Monday right??