Right I’m gonna come out and say it … it’s okay to love make up!!
I think at the moment we’re going through a period where people are associating wearing make up with us having a self confidence issue and not happy naturally? ( even tho the last time I went bare faced and free everyone asked if I was feeling sick to which I replied ‘no I’m just not wearing makeup yet, I didn’t have time in the morning’ … that was a bit of a bummer I ain’t gonna lie ) While I think I look quite boring bare faced I don’t actually have a problem with it, I just choose to give myself a bit of a boost with foundation or mascara or maybe a tinted moisturiser whatever there is. Wearing make up is fun, You can make yourself look completely different with just a simple stroke of a highlighting brush to dark smokey eyes  to a bright orange lippy.
I’ve made a complete disaster with my eye shadow choices before and had two panda eyes to walk around with, I’ve given myself strobe lightening cheeks that could probably glow in the dark, worn dark green lipstick which I knew didn’t look good on me but in a way make up is art, It’s an expression of how feel or what you’re going through at that particular moment in time, or can sometimes be a reflection of how you want to be seen.

So what? I don’t want to leave the house without putting some make up on, this doesn’t mean I think any less of myself or that I hate what I look like naturally, I just like to change my look depending on my mood. Make up is for highlighting not for hiding, it’s a positive thing we’re learning how to emphasise and highlight the favourite parts of our face whether it be our eyes lips or cheekbones ( apart from when it comes to spots I ain’t gonna lie, conceal the hell out of it! GO GO GO )
Remember when you first got caught going through your mum’s make up bag putting blusher all over your face ( and the carpet ) drawing lipstick on your chin and trying to work out what that concealer pen is used for apart from writing on the mirror drawing hearts… it’s fun right? It always has been. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with make up and wearing it every day? Who said that having fun was you being insecure? Now excuse me while I work out how to contour … I’ve had the Barry M Contour Kit to play with for a while now and haven’t used it yet so here we go!