OK, So I know we’re in November but come on we’re all talking about christmas already right?? The lights have already been switched on on Oxford Street, the mince pies are out and I’ve already started on the mulled wine so it’s blatantly time and you know what…?  I can’t wait for it! This year I have written a long list of things that I sooooooo need in my life, from Kat Von D make up brushes to a new laptop to Steven Madden thigh high boots…believe me it goes on and on…

Lists are the best way to stop you getting those presents that quite honestly you just don’t like, it saves those awkward moments you have when everyone looking at you as you’re unwrapping the gift and you have to SMILE your way though with happy thoughts and look like it’s the best thing ever… It’s happened to us all right?
Well I’ve just seen the new MAC Mariah Carey collaboration and it is delicious … If makeup were a food … ( I always have it on the brain, currently thinking about pancakes actually )

There’s 23 pieces in the set which is gonna be launching in December ( which is great seeing that I’ve already put 4 of these products on my christmas list ) It’s got everything from dreamy liquid eye liner to blush, eye shadow, lashes, lip glass the lot! Plus you’ll love the names of the products as they’re all named after her songs!
There’s ‘Dreamlover’ which is a dusky pink shimmer gloss, ‘All I Want’ which is a shimmery frosted lipstick (very christmassy) ‘It’s Everything’ eyeshadow palette which have frosted browns and neutrals, they look amazing!!

Now recently I’ve become quite obsessed with makeup brushes, I used to used my fingers for everything, from putting on foundation to applying blush and even eye shadow I did with my little fingers! I’ve obviously learnt from that and sorted my life out! Anyway back these brushes, they’re lush lush lush, I just love the silver glittery handles! I think I was a magpie in a former life as my brain instantly goes to anything glittery/shiny or shimmery, I could be having a full on conversation with you and then something sparkly goes past my line of view … I’ll probably say something like “go on” but really you should just say goodbye to our conversation as it just ended!! Sounds a bit scary knowing that now and that I have a drivers licence right ???