For years and years, I’ve plucked, threaded and waxed my eyebrows to the point where I have to draw them back in! Why did I make them so thin when I’ve always wanted them thick? Out of all of the above, I think threading hurts the worst, the number of times my eye have watered and it looks like I’ve been crying like a baby because my mascaras run all down my cheeks.

You know If someone mucks up your hair or eyebrows It destroys your whole face. We’ve all tried somewhere new and got that new person who doesn’t listen to how you actually want it done so they end up doing their own thing and when they’ve finished they show you in the mirror and your face drops … all you wanna do is burst into tears? Yeah, we’ve all been there.
Anyway enough of the ranting, have you heard about micro blading? I know a few people who have had it done and their eyebrows look incredible! Thick in perfect shape and really defined, so I started to make some enquiries…

I went to Laura K in Knightsbridge and yes I was feeling really nervous, I’m one of those people who tries to hide behind a smile when somethings wrong but it’s soooo damn obvious to tell howI’m feeling just by looking into my eyes.

When I met Laura she immediately gave me a hug as she could tell I was terrified. You know when you just immediately click with someone? that happened with me and Laura, We got on so well in the clinic I actually forgot why I was In there In the first place! and instantly relaxed ha ha We spent time drawing on the new shape of my eyebrows and I love that she is a perfectionist we went back and forth until we both agreed what was gonna look great.

When it came to choosing the pigment I went for the lightest because I was too scared to go dark, Laura kept saying if it’s too light it won’t show up on your skin so will be a waste of time, me being stubborn I only made a compromise to have a darker shade mixed into the light. One thing I will say about this Is If your thinking about getting yours done do what she said and go for a darker colour as will be way more effective. Right shall we move on to the nano blades?!?
As I lay down under the light Laura looking like a mad scientist with those magnifying glass spectacles, I waited to feel that first scratch I kept having loads of thoughts of anxiety in my head – what if I don’t like my new eyebrows? what if it hurts too much? What if I jump and the Blade goes all over my face onto my eyes ( yes I’ve watched final destination 3 with that scene when the girl goes to have laser eye surgery and we all know what happened there don’t we? ) so yeah I started to panic waiting for that first cut.

Once she did the first scratch I was actually surprised because it wasn’t as bad as I thought I was like ok, I can take that, however, the more she went on the more I wriggled around like a baby. I will State at this moment that I am on my period so I am way more sensitive than I normally would be, I was humming loudly, I was singing, I was chatting uncontrollably and at one point I think I was banging on the walls as If I was locked in a padded cell wanting to get out! It was like a scene from Halle Berry in Gothika. I was probably the worst client she has ever had!  I was too tense and unfortunately, I couldn’t go for another round which is what I needed to get a better result.

It was the sound and the sensation of hearing your skin being scraped together that freaked me out the most. I’m gonna put the blame on it being my time of the month that’s why I was such a baby because I’m normally hard as nails right?

At this moment I knew that I would never be able to get a tattoo. NO WAY! If I over react like a drama queen getting my eyebrows micro bladed Can you imagine the scene I’d make throwing myself around whilst the tattoo artist looks in horror as he’s only done the outline of a 45 minute tattoo?!
Now even though Laura wanted to go another round to make my brows darker ( and II bailed out ) I love love love my new eyebrows, I’m seriously happy with the result, look how much fuller they are and they really shape my face. When I grow some balls and It’s time for my top up I will definitely go for a darker colour tho ( which Is what Laura wanted to do in the first place )

Here’s a bit of aftercare if you’re thinking of having it done …

  • AVOID AVOID AVIOD getting your brows wet for up to 10 days!  This is hard by the way, they don’t want you sweating on them either! Keep them dry in the shower too don’t put our face in the water!
  • DON’T wear makeup for a week! Que all the #makeupfree #nofilter selfies
  • DONT pick the scabs! Don’t touch them at all
  • AVOID AVOID AVIOD saunas, swimming pools, any exercise that will make you all sweaty.
  • KEEP your hair away from your eyebrows.