I’m not the most organised person neither am I the most confident, I second guess quite a lot of decisions especially when it comes to myself! ( today I wimped out of an interview with someone who I’ve looked up to for years he’s actually one of my favourite actors and I just couldn’t picture myself interviewing him because I thought of muck it up and end up freaking out looking a right idiot! Today’s moral of the story is: Confidence is not something you can just make yourself have you have to teach yourself you CAN do it no matter the obstacle PLUS you can always fake confidence smile on the outside look the part but inside your rib cage is rattling because everything’s shaking… even tho I talk the talk I still think I’m rubbish and can’t do it) 
Anyway that wasn’t the main reason for this I wanted to talk about London Fashion Week, I love make up and fashion, please be aware I have no idea what ‘style’ I am or come under and believe me I have made some awful mistakes, like when I was on stage and doing interviews back stage for Choice FMs music potential gig Cafe De Paris and wore these horrendous tight floral leggings and a bright peach patterned top !?? What the hell was I thinking? The worse part of it was that I didn’t realise until boss came down and said, I quote “what the hell are you wearing? You have to change!” Harsh words I know, but it made the point loud and clear !!! Ha ha 

Anyway with all that in mind I do love London Fashion Week, looking at how others put things together it always gives me inspiration to be more creative with my looks ( one day I will stop ‘just popping’ in to Topshop after every dam show ) I’m Currently laying on the bed with the dogs going nuts play fighting on top of me …. not relaxing at all but anyway here I am trying to ‘organise’ myself for LFW I’m gonna make a conscious effort to UP my game and sort my crap out! Mark this date down …. 

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For all my LFW malarkey… I promise it won’t be boring ….