If you think one day you’re just gonna wake up and everything’s gonna be amazing, as you’ve gone from being the biggest baby that’s totally dependant on the people around you, to the uber responsible and most organised adult ever …. think again. I’m in my 30s ( please don’t judge me as I think I’m 19 most of the time and actually, when I think about It I’ve not even seen my birth certificate so I could be ….. yep I’m definitely in denial ) Anyway moving on, I’ve realised there’s no ‘light bulb switching on’ moment when It comes to suddenly becoming a full on adult, however here are some signs that you are finally reaching the cross over point:

1- You no longer suffer from FOMO

Yep forget those awful Friday and Saturday nights where you decide to stay In to watch back to back episodes of Power yet you can’t stay off Instagram which Is showing all your mates having THE BEST TIME EVER … The endless selfies stop annoying you and you can actually go to bed at 10pm ( or 9.30pm coz you’re actually shattered ) Instead of staying up on the sofa STILL watching your mates barrage of tweets and insta stories going on all through the night. You go to bed chilled no longer hating you’re the only one staying In on the best day of the week.

2- You’ve don’t actually care If someone doesn’t like you

Don’t you find that when you start out you want the world to love you and you don’t wanna upset anyone by having a different opinion or wanting to do something completely different compared to what your mates are up to? I think there comes a certain time in your life that you just say ‘what the hell’ If this person doesn’t like me? This affects my life how? You end up ditching the judgmental people In your life and move on with some new ones. Welcome to being an adult and not groveling for false friendships

3- You’ve stopped buying the cheapest alcohol available

You know when you’re having a few mates over you’re splashing out on getting a Dominos or Papa Johns and when it comes to getting the alcohol you’re driving to the nearest Lidl to buy the cheapest stuff you can find. When you reach adult hood you’re actually excited about buying ‘The Good Stuff’ and want to show it off to your mates.

4- You stop stressing and realize some things were just not meant to be

It’s not about giving up the fight, You just take the stress out of being manic and trying to make everything work and treat it as an epic fail when things fall through. We all make mistakes in our lives whether it be in relationships, careers, friendships etc… sometimes you have to let things be and know that not getting is going to go perfectly .. come on who wants life to be perfect??

5- You’ve stoped deleting ALL messages/social media after a heavy night out

You know those ones when you wake up and have that mini heart attack at the thought of all the embarrassing texts and pictures you’ve sent. wether It’s the crying down the phone voicemails to your ex or telling your boss that you love him? It’s nice that when you become a real life adult all that crap stops and you just enjoy your night rather than become a message monster that you’ll be regretting 12 hours later. You can go out with that peace of mind that everything will still be ok in the next 48 hours. CHILL