Soooo I’ve been thinking, I’ve got 4 months off…. What will I do with all this free time? Travel? Learn a language? Finish those two book I’ve been writing for the last two years? Get my motorcycle licence?

There’s so much I’ve wanted to do ( and finish ) I thought I’d write a list and come back to it on the 3rd of July, see how well I did and if I even managed to get through half of these…. There’s 20 things I wanna do!

I’m gonna make a guess of me completing…. 10 Anyone else? I’m taking bets… James says just 7!!!! Dam cheek! So that leaves me with no choice but to dedicated my first one to him! ( which I will complete with pleasure)

  • Annoy James as much as I can seeing that I will be spending everyday with him!
  • Go ghost hunting
  • Get my own TV show commissioned
  • Get Smudge fully house trained so she stops doing massive poos in the house
  • Train Henry and Smudge to “Britains Got Talent” level … Gonna get them doing a routine!
  • Finally speak fluent Spanish
  • Go Kayaking
  • Re learn how to drive again ( haven’t driven since I was on Hearts ground patrol )
  • Travel round Thailand
  • Become a pet behaviour expert ( how I’m gonna do that in just 4 months no idea? )
  • Camp on the beach ( please note that’s NOT cake on the beach )
  • Get my Motorcycle licence ( always wanted to have it… Not that I want to own my own motorcycle… Just wanna learn how to do it )
  • Finish ( I don’t care how long it takes me ) a Triathlon ( James is obviously sitting next to me as I’m writing this so that’s for him more than me… But I’ll do it if he does it )
  • Be able to do the Scorpion ( yoga pose )
  • Raise a load of cash for PETA and WSPA ( ideas welcome )
  • Finish my books, both sci fi thriller and extremely weird but hey ho might as well let you all know how strange my mind really is
  • Go Glamping at one of the festivals this summer
  • DJ in a dance tent ( gonna need to get my mate Andrew to help me with this )
  • Stay in the Ice Hotel ( I’ll probably hate it but just wanna be able to experience it)
  • Fly 1st class somewhere… Anywhere… I’ve never done it before and I’ve been saving up air miles for what seems like YEARS! There must be enough now for a trip even if it’s just a short trip… One way I just wanna see how the other half do it!