With London Fashion Week over I’ve got so much to show you and have literally spent the last few hours trying to sort everything out whilst catching up on The Walking Dead season 6, so this has obviously been taking me a long time, practically all day seeing that I’m now on episode 11 and still sitting on the sofa tryig to decide weather to get my stuff sorted for tomorrow or just get through one more … It’s like a tub of pringles, once you’ve popped you just can’t stop! I recently did that series Stranger Things on Netflix, took me just two days as I easily get obsessed.
This is my first lazy Sunday in a long time and I’m loving it, I went to the fashion weekend event at the Saatchi gallery around 10am and as soon as I got home I got straight into my PJs! Was meant to go to the gym but made every excuse under the sun why I can’t and don’t have the time, So It’s been a pyjama Sunday and I’m not even ashamed of it, I did get some weird looks at the park earlier when walking my dogs but hey ho!
I’ve been meaning to show you my new little favourites from Barry M for a while now, I went to their press day a few weeks ago and have been trying out different looks. These products have been launched in Superdrug and Boots so easy for you to find :
First up is the glowmance cream which I’ve been using non stop for the last two weeks under my foundation, on top of my foundation and just on it’s own. It’s not sticky at all, this dewy effect cream sinks straight into your skin and gives it an instant refresh with a wicked golden shimmer! I’ve actually used this on my arms and chest too to give it a bit of a glow so it’s got many uses! 
For you contouring fans check out their Flawless chisel cheeks cream kit. They’re the perfect shades for my skin, now I’m no whizz at contouring as I have made some huge mistakes by not blending properly and using bad light, You know those ones where you only find out when you take a selfie and realise the horror you’ve created and not one of your friends has said a thing while you run straight to the loo to sort out the whole face strobing thing you have going on! ha ha Top tip… use the right brushes for blending and take your time don’t rush!
Ok, so third thing on my list was to show ya the Matt Lip Paints i’m normally a gloss kinda girl, I the love shiny, glossy and shimmery products but since I’ve been slightly obsessed with how Kylie Jenner does her make up and constantly looks flawless, I’ve decided matte is the way forward! Especially this season.

I used to think that anything with a matte finish would dry out my skin so I’ve avoided BIGTIME but this hasn’t at all it’s actually quite moisturising! Big thumbs up from me! But I warn you know you won’t be satisfied with just the one colour… you’ll want them all!