So it’s day 3 of my extra long holiday and I’ve been on at my mate Rebecca ( who works at Duncans ) to let me come for the day, not to be a dog ….just so I can play with them all!!!

Henry came with me ( no smudge as she’s recovering from being spayed, and recovering really well )

25 minutes in the car and we arrive, dogs barking with excitement as we pull up outside, gates open and as soon as Rebecca gets out and opens the doors it’s like she’s the pied piper all the dogs come rushing out and go through the gates up to the field above, I almost felt like I should get my 100 metre sprint on and join! However please note that henry didn’t even say bye… Not even a glance back to give me a little nod…. Nope… Nothing I just saw his bum wriggling As he ran off and his tail so upright it looked like an arrow!

What they’ve done here is incredible! There are two massive woodland areas ones called “The Jungle” that’s where the trouble makers go to calm down and the main area is massive with loads of things for your dogs to play on, trampolines little play sheds, long tubes, tree trunk houses …. Literally everything your dog could ever want is here, I’ve never seen anything like it !

Now it’s freezing, it’s raining ( for most of the day and only really stops an hour before we leave ) it’s windy BUT this has been the best day ever! It’s SOOO much fun! Just imagine me surrounded by about 50 dogs all different sizes and breeds running around like a lunatic talking to the dogs like I’m dr Doolittle…. Yep you’ve got it!  I was in my element!
So you know in my 4 month plan, one of my goals is to work on being a pet behaviour expert, this was a real eye opener because I got to see how different types of dogs play with each other, the tell tell signs to watch out for if something is about to kick I off… Now I got to see just how hard these guys work, it’s full on what they do! They keep the pack happy and are always in control! Now I understand why Henry is always so shattered when he comes home from there, it’s like sending a kid into a sweet factory ! They literally have a full on party and need to crash straight after, as I write this now I’ve got Henry in between my legs and am blatantly gonna sleep as soon as this is done!

So guys seriously, If you have a dog and are ever in need of daycare or overnight board check these guys out and if you have a puppy there’s puppy training here too! Smudge just got her bronze certificate :))