From saving up all my virgin air miles every month for what seems likes years, piling everything into my Amex credit card just to get my points, I managed to fly first class for the first time in my life and boy do the other half live well! It was amazing!

The fact that you get to lie in a bed and have your food served on a plate and have ( limitless ) alcohol is just AMAZING! I didn’t actually feel like I was on a plane… More like in a hotel, I can lie in bed and watch films on a plane!!!!! This amazed me, plus met a complete random at the bar who had me in stitches for hours as he was mash up while everyone was asleep he was just warming up! ( my mate Mike has caught all of that on his go pro but that won’t be getting shown anywhere… He’s promised )

We touch down in Dubai and you get hit in the face with 38 degree heat and I’m loving it already ( I just wish I wasn’t wearing full length leggings and a t shirt )

 I stayed at Jumeriah Beach Hotel which was beautiful, the staff were amazing the restaurants have all been delicious.

I’m on an all you can eat breakfast included in our package and you know what that means for me right? Massive smile on my face and get there early to pack as much as I can in and believe me I can pack it in!! Even tho I’ve paid for it, in my head it’s free so I have to over indulge, I’m awful I know, but I love the word FREE.

I’ve used the outdoor gym everyday ( just to combat all the food I’ve been eating… Need to burn it all off somehow )

All the trainers ( James included ) thought I was crazy training outside when it’s already 34 degrees at 9am, but hello? I can train in a cold air conditioned gym in England… When in Dubai do as Dubai ( no idea if that’s a saying I’ve just made it up … Just go with it for my sake )

 Anyway I think it’s safe to say I have fallen in love with this place, it’s HOT, the people are lovely, the food is incredible, the beaches are beautiful and the water parks are AMAZING!

For 3 days straight I have been going on about that Jumeriah scarier ride and how I won’t, can’t and wish I could do it… Cut to 4 days later and Toni and I take the plunge … Ahhhhhhhhhh the best and worse experience of my life ! I loved it and hated it all at the same time. There’s something real nasty about standing in a capsule waiting for the trap door to open counting 3…2…1 and you go plummeting down… Non nicely…. WATCH THE VIDEO

DUBAI ….. I’m coming back for ya … Until next time ….