I’ve just been thinking, I talk to my dog like I would if I had a baby! I put on a real annoying high pitched voice, screeching when he gives me his paw or looks at me weirdly, it’s only now 5 years later, occurred to me that he’s not a baby at all, 1 human year equals about 7 dog years so Henry is 35!!! He’s a 35 year old man that has to deal with me acting and talking to him like a prat! ( I can say that because it’s not a swear word ) So at his age I need to start treating him like an adult right, no more cuddling him in my arms kissing his forehead, whispering in his ear telling him that I love him because he’s a MAN right…. he doesn’t wanna be on his back in my arms !? 

It was only yesterday I was rolling around on the floor on my back kicking my legs in the air mimicking him, now at the time I was loving it thinking how amazing it was that we’re bonding and now thinking about he was probably going “You stupid idiot copying everything I do …. let me see what else you’ll do you joker!”

I would love to get in the mind of the dog and find out what they really think of us. I sometimes look at Henry and I swear he’s trying to work me out.

One thing that does bother me tho, i think Staffies are a really Intelligent breed and quite sensitive so why is it when I’m Sitting on the sofa minding my own business watching tv on my phone he decided to get a cushion and hump it in front of me? Like why do I want to see that? Why not go to another room and get on with it? Why take the cushion from the sofa put it in front of me on the floor get my attention and then jump away …? It’s dam rude and not right!!! I’m his mother !!!!! OH great I feel sick now no mother needs to see her son do THAT !?!?!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh