I literally just bumped into a guy I haven’t seen in about six years we used to do promo together handing out bottles of deodorant at Euston station, giving out water at Paddington and quite possibly one of the worst jobs, Flyering at Canary Wharf trying to get through an 8 hour shift that just seems to drag. He was just asking what I do now and couldn’t believe it and it got me thinking, I never really explained to you how I got into radio.

After doing drama at college and then acting for 2 years doing commercials music videos, documentaries and short films I started to think about radio, music has always been a massive part of my life I’ve grown up listening to radio and always wanted to have my own breakfast show but, never really knew how to get into it. so I found a job doing promo for heart ( I signed up to their ground patrol team ) I loved it we drove their branded cars, did PR stunts all over London, handed out flyers all while getttinh people to tune into the station. Now while I was in the building I shadowed pretty much everyone that I could there, from presenters to producers to production managers, engineers literally everyone.

They all said that I need experience so  I signed myself up for Westside FM a community radio station in Southall and I did loads of different shows, from the afternoons to an evening show, a Sunday afternoon request show and then finally I got breakfast! This was my dream, even tho I was waking up at 4am getting a night bus and the tube spending £9 a day to get there.

After doing the breakfast show for 6 months, money started to run out, I was getting less promo work because I couldn’t do the times and spending nearly a tenner a day was adding up, so I had to cut down the days I was on air to work as I needed to pay rent and we all know  how expensive it is to live in London!! It got to the point where I was only doing two shows a week and I just needed to earn money.

When I left I was so upset because I loved doing the show, It was what I wanted, I was on breakfast but I just couldn’t afford to not work, so back to promo it was while I was getting my demo ready to send out.

It was a Wednesday afternoon ( 3 days after I left Westside FM ) I got the Call to come in and see Rob D’ovido who was running Choice ( now CapitalXtra )

I did a demo especially for him and that station and I came in every other day to practice , I shadowed the producers and some of the presenters, I tech opt some shows as well to get me used to the desk.

I was lucky to get Christmas cover 3am-6am, I ended up getting that show for 8 months and then DAYTIME! 12pm-4pm which I did for a year and then Capital offered me 3am-6am and I jumped at the chance I couldn’t believe it! I was going to be on CAPITAL! Hell yeah!!

After doing the overnight shift for 6 months I moved to weekends with doing main cover across the network, I got to feature and be part of the breakfast show and then I got mid mornings 10am-1pm which I did for an amazing 3 years and now …….

I am joining KISS in just a few months time! Ahhhhhhh I can’t wait and to make things even bigger I will be doing KISSTORY too! Incredible right?  I’ve grown up with this station and even just the thought of being a part of it seriously is a dream come true!  I cannot wait!

-So if you’re looking to get into radio get experience at a community / local or student radio station. learn everything from driving the desk, producing your own show, taking and editing calls and to making your own demo. It will make your life so much easier being self sufficient plus this will help you big time in the future!

-Never be afraid to ask questions.

– Don’t even think of giving up! You want it? You can get it! You will get no’s and people not answering your emails but don’t let this change your mind, think about how you can CHANGE THEIRS!

-Be yourself you’re unique and that’s your biggest selling point! No one can do it like YOU! So what you waiting for? Go get it!!!