There are many reasons why you should have a dog in your life I could sit here and write about a million but I’ve only got 25% battery on my laptop so it looks like just 10 of the best reasons why will have to do for now.

1- Forget those lonely nights in and meals for one in the evenings, A dog NEVER lets you eat alone!

I know dog behavioural experts will tell you this is the worst thing to have whilst at the table eating, but you know what? I love my dog sitting beside me with those huge puppy dog eyes staring at me hoping that a piece of meat ‘accidentally’ falls off onto the floor …

2- Forget going to the doctors, dog owners have stronger immune systems!

I’m no scientist but look, I sleep with my dog in the bed and of course he’s up on my sofa too so when it comes to infections/colds/flu etc .. I think my immune system is rock solid! Christ knows what’s on his paws ( I hate the rain ) the other day I caught him up on my bed humping my pillows, he was showing off becasue my sister was staying round and she was horrified that his paws and di*k were up on my pillows where my face is, to be fair I wasn’t too happy about it either, but the question is … did I clean the pillowcase before sleeping on it that night? ….. I think you all know the answer to that.

3- They won’t desert you for someone else!

Dogs are loyal and it doesn’t matter what mood they’re in, they love you FACT however, I’m gonna throw a spanner in the works for this one because If you have a staffie, you’ll know they just want love and attention from absolutely everyone. I remember getting pead off with Henry when my mates Mike and Alex used to come round and Henry would blast me and be glued to their side. If I called him he’d just look at me whilst sitting on Mike’s lap as If to say “what? can’t you see I’m busy? Go bother someone else” So the not deserting you for someone else DOES NOT APPY TO STAFFIE’s They will cheat on you at the drop of a hat!

4- They make you fitter!

You know those days where it’s pouring down with rain and you just can’t be arsed to leave the house? Well guess what? You have to because your dog Is sitting there looking at you going, If you don’t take me out now you’re gonna have to spend the next few hours cleaning my poo off the carpet so you make the decision! I take Henry out 4 times a day I’m constantly walking or running around the park with him, to be honest, I’m shocked I’m not thinner … that’s probably because I eat wayyyy too much anyway but trust me If I didn’t have Henry I would be a lot bigger than I am!

5- They don’t make you feel too needy!

It doesn’t matter how much attention you’re seeking or how needy you’re feeling It’s guaranteed that your dog will be way more than you so It’s ok, go ahead and ask for more cuddles, kisses and attention.

6- They won’t disappear for days or weeks!

We’ve all had that ex who used to go disappearing for a few days and reappear when they’re ready, or if you’ve had a cat you’ll have experienced exactly the same thing, they just go on their own adventure for a few days not giving a damn about telling us where they’re off to or how long they’ll be away for. Get a dog, they stick by your side no matter what … well as long as a fox doesn’t make an appearance because you can say bye bye to getting your dog back, he’s off mate no looking back either …

7- They’re your best excuse not to staying out all night!

You know those nights where all your mates are up for a heavy night OUT OUT, It’s 1 am and they’re STILL going for it? You know what I have a dog so I gotta get back, even If you only left at 10pm as soon as you mention my baby needs to go for a wee ( even tho you know he’s fast asleep living it up in your bed ) no one can argue with the fact you need to get back for your dog!

8- No need for a water bottle on your period!

You know those times of the month when your belly feels like it’s being scratched from the inside out and Freddy Kruger is have a party in there? Well, forget filling up that hot water bottle simply have your dog sitting on your belly it’s the best he gets your stomach all cosy and warm!

9- You can watch back to back episodes of your favourite Netflix series and they won’t talk all the way through!

We all have that friend who just won’t shut up whilst you’re trying to watch something. Plus they always have an opinion on how many episodes you should be watching, like “we’re just doing two yeah?” Nah mate I’m going to finish the lot so either sit down and get stuck in or get an Uber.

10-They love to sleep!

I love my bed and I love my sleep, I hate getting up early and so does Henry, when my alarm goes off his head moves and he gives me that cut eye look as if to say are you gonna turn that off or do I have to start chewing on your phone?

If I slept in till 10am he wouldn’t move either. I literally have to kick him out of bed in the mornings. Now that he’s getting older he’s way lazier and I love it because I can be lazy too and just blame my sofa days on him!