So we are two weeks into 2019 and all we keep hearing the saying new year new me blah blah, but how do we actually make that happen?

It’s so easy to just stick to doing the same thing as we all have a fear of drastic change and in not succeeding in that decision.
Regret is a killer but not something we should be scared of.

Ambition is something that has always driven me, from growing up in care to living on the street, to not having enough money for food so either going without or going through bins with my mum to see what’s up for grabs. Yep! I remember it all and all of that keeps me focused on what I want to achieve in life and makes me hungry to constantly want more.


I’m going to open myself up to you guys a lot more on here and keep you up to date on all my shenanigans seeing as I’ve now got a lot more time on my hands now to dedicate to my blog ( yep all will be revealed soon, no clues no hints but yes I’ve got something big to announce and I can’t wait to tell you ) I do feel I’ve let you guys down on here over the last few months as I have been working so much I honestly didn’t have the time to keep up blogging but I love doing this and find writing really soothing for the brain and heart.

I’ve been working very closely with the fostering network recently and I’m so proud to be able to help others who have been in the same situation as me and give back to the system that helped me grow up into the woman I am now. ( yeah I am a woman, I normally call myself a girl, I feel like a propa grown up now )
I know a while ago I was meant to follow up and let you know everything that happened to me whilst being in care and after I moved to a different foster family, how my life changed and how there was a flaw in the social service system which luckily has now been changed. I will have this for you by the end of the week as I want to make it as detailed as I can.

So how do we get the best out of the new year? I always tell my mates if you’re not happy with what you doing in life whether it be your relationship, to your job where you live, who your flatmates are, you quite simply need to change it. None of us have the time to not be doing exactly what we want, remember if your life was a book would you read it? would you keep turning the page or would you put the book down because it’s boring.

We will need to find our motivation, whether you are money motivated, career-focused, relationship focused or a happiness lover, f find what makes you tick and go with it, don’t be afraid of completely changing your life and going for something new!

To get the best out of 2019 it isn’t about setting a whole load of new years resolutions that you must accomplish before the 31st of December, it’s quite simple really all you need to do is find out what you actually want in life and work out a way of getting it. Believe me if you saw how I was living when I was six years old and fast forward time to where I am now in life, trust me you can do and be anything you want, determination is the key and being focused is how you get it,I use my past to drive me and  I don’t stop until I get to where I wanna be and neither should you.