I’ve just come back from one of the best holidays ever!
I’ve fallen in love with New York and I wanna go back ( but my bank balance won’t let me )

As you guys know, me and my sister have been getting to know each other for the past year or so and going on holiday together has been one of the best things we have ever decided to do as it’s perfect one-on-one time,
( well she might disagree on the one-on-one time because I’ve been glued to my phone texting, tweeting, doing little videos, taking photos, instagraming etc )
Thank God for Vodafone only making me pay 6 pounds a day for using my phone whilst abroad do you member the days where we used to get stung a month later from going on holiday all because you used your phone for 3 minutes whilst on the beach and crying when you open up that statement with a £350 fine on? Come on that must’ve happened to you before right?

We took six days out to live it up big time in the big apple and I’ve done everything from walking across Brooklyn Bridge to seeing a show on Broadway ( I’m not a fan of musicals but actually loved the Book of Mormon it was very funny very wrong and very weird! )

We walked around Central Park went up the Empire State building saw the views of the whole city from Top Of The Rock and shopped so much I needed a new suitcase coming back home!

Now don’t think I made a plan for us to follow? Come on you know me by now right? I got my mates to give me a thorough itinerary because honestly there is just too much to do in New York.

I had each day packed with at least three different things to do and still I never made it out to a piano bar in the evening even though the night life in New York is meant to be incredible however I got stuck on the sofa watching 60 days in on A&E ! ( One of the best reality TV series where 6 people get locked up in a prison on a secret task whilst trying to blend in with the inmates, I was hooked from episode one series 4 … I managed to reach the finale on episode 14 but had to leave 15 when my sister walked out the door saying we’re gonna miss the damn plan if you don’t move your ass I’m getting a cab see you at the airport … yep I turned off the TV and ran to the door with my over-packed suitcase weighing a frigging TON )

If you’re looking to go to New York in the next few months I thought I’d share some of my favourite things I did:

BAR 230 – fifth

We paid to go up to Top Of The Rock because I just wanted to go up there and see those views but you know what this bar was opposite the Empire State Building overlooking New York City and it was happy hour!! So we had the perfect surroundings, the amazing views and cheap cocktails … What more could you want?

Brooklyn Bridge

Go on the sunniest day, Get the subway to brookyln get a few scoops of homemade ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory which is near the bridge so you’re not walking too far and from there take in the sights and stuff your face with the cold stuff whilst taking the best selfies on the bridge!

The High Line

We walked from Murray Hill Diner to Greenwich Village and made a lovely little detour to see the high line which is famously called ‘the concrete jungle’ it was an old railway line that they’ve now made into a park, you have great views of the Hudson River and downtown new york skyline.

The Avairy

If you’re looking for a bar with great views and amazing cocktails then you’ve found it right here, your drink will take about 10 minutes to make because they spend that much time crafting the perfect cocktail! Don’t be alarmed by the massive poppadom that looks like something Princess Beatrice would wear on her head, it’s there for you to eat and even tho it’s huge you’ll demolish it within minutes ( maybe I was just hungry )

Oh and one more thing You have to take a stroll around Central Park in the sunshine, It’s gorgeous and pretty huge! The amount of walking you’ll do in NYC is insane! Pack flats, trainers and your comfy shoes because by the end of the day your feet will be shattered!

Now most importantly my one top tip is to pack light, You need the space believe me as you will fill up your suitcase in just one afternoon of shopping! That credit card is gonna get rinsed out and that’s just a fact you have to swipe and think about it later. I arrived in NYC with just hand luggage and came home with another suitcase that my sister bought out there!