This is something we all do every year, set ourselves a long list of things we aim to achieve for the rest of the new year especially since we’ve all over indulged over the Christmas period and we feel just feel guilty about it. How many times have you said “Right this is it now, in the new year I’m serious this is all changing, I’m sticking to it this time… Well after we get New Years out the way” 

There are 10 most common broken resolutions, I will get to them in a bit first:

Here are the facts:


– Is the most depressing month of the year 

– Is the month where most of us are well and truly in the red ( when’s pay day again? )

– January 24th is the date on record most resolutions are broken 

– You spend more on your credit card trying NOT to dip into your current account as its low enough

– we are effected most by the weather as it’s STILL cold wet and dark earlier

So with that in mind let’s chuck these 10 most common New Years Resolutions out the window and aim to keep ourselves happy in January, we’re not gonna quit smoking, go to the gym after work EVEYDAY eating salads and not drinking or going out plus we’re definitely not gonna save anything in this month… Or next as we just paying off all the bills and still suffering from all those Christmas presents we over brought our friends and family.

Let’s say all of that can wait till March when we’ve got ourselves back on track and at least Spring is in sight… 

10 common New Years Resolutions which we normally break just over two weeks into January, please note these are in no particular order.

– Lose Weight and Get Fit

– Quit Smoking

-Stop Drinking

– Spend More Time With Family

– Save Money

– Quit Job

– Stop Eating Chocolate 

-Get A New Style/ Revamp Whole Wardrobe 

– Eat Healthy 

– Learn Something New