So as you know I’ve got a big curly Afro that I’ve been trying to grow for years since I absolutely destroyed it when I was 17, I started to relax it and did so over and over again every year trying to burn my hair the straightest it could go whilst quite literally burning my scalp to a crisp in the process ( I remember picking the scabs and making it bleed ) I wish I could find a picture of me before I started all of this as my hair was so long and thick.

Straightening your hair isn’t any good for it at all but seeing that we all get bored with what we’ve got here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way to get that hair shiny and straight!!

I’m normally the first to go find a bargain but if you skank yourself out on these you will either ruin your hair by burning all the ends off or just have to settle for frizz over straight and smooth.
I’ve tried out a few goodies but my favourite that I swear leaves me all shiny and glossy ( no that’s not the serum as I only put that on after ) I’m using Babyliss Diamond  It’s hot enough for my hair  plus If you’re in a hurry, you’re sorted as It gets to its maximum heat fast which Is what we all need right?
Make sure to get the roots and go over each section twice ( not sure if that’s what you’re meant to do but it works for me )
So for ages I used to put serum on my hair and then straighten it or use coconut oil and you know when you can hear the sizzle and crackle ( secretly I actually liked that sound ) obviously that means NOT GOOD for your hair. So you’ve noticed I’m a little obsessed with Aveda at the moment, their products just seem to gel with my hair!
I’m using two of theirs at the moment which have helped me keep my hair nice and straight, Checkout Brilliant Damage Control and  smooth infusion I’ve been smothering my hair in both the spray is great for when your hair is wet so use before you dry it as it protects from breakage, thermal damage and even UV damage so it doesn’t frazzle In the sun! It’s a bit of a 3 way whammy! Now the Smooth infusion has got wheat protein in which protects from heat damage and quite honestly just smells incredible! Oh and It helps protect your hair against humidity too! I’ve used this a few times before going out and 4/5 times it’s stopped my hair from going frizzy.
If you have curly hair then you’re probably wondering why I’m even saying this as it’s the most obvious thing right ? But believe me I’ve had hairdressers trying to brush my hair while it’s curly which stung like hell!  I’ve also tried doing it that way because I just couldn’t be bothered using coconut oil to try and help me brush it out which just ended in tears … Mine of course.
The best way is to start from scratch ( really deep condition your hair ) then dry straight with a hair brush and section off before straightening.
From start to finish ( as In from washing it to ending with straighteners, plus if your hairs as curly as mine ) it can take up to an hour and 15 minutes, If you haven’t got the time to do it don’t start. I’ve learned the hard way and had to leave the house with half frizz half straight scraping it all back and hating my hair. I’ve also left the house looking like I’ve been in the sauna for the last ten minutes! To get your hair looking nice shiny and smooth will take time and effort if you have none of these let the curls go wild!!