Can you paint your nails on the tube?? First I’d like to admit that I ( most mornings ) do my makeup on the tube because quite frankly I prefer to spend that extra half hour in bed, even If I’m awake and just laying there playing on my phone I’d sooo much rather be doing that than trying to perfect the cat eye in the mirror for the fifth time whilst trying not to jab myself in the eyes. The worst is when someone comes to sit net to you and you have to move your elbows in and the fear starts because if they jog your arms even in the slightest you’re gonna get that mascara brush in your retina for sure…

Even tho I don’t actually enjoy trying to cram in my whole routine in between stations, It seems to be a major part of my life now and something I’m unfortunately not gonna end anytime soon.

So this brings me to what happened yesterday morning, this girl was painting her nails on the tube, It was 7.35am  and yeah I was a little It’s a bit early for this I think I was getting a nice high from the fumes and sat there with a smile on face, thanks OPI! Now while I was enjoying myself it was pi**ing some people off BIG TIME! There was this lady opposte that kept tutting, huffing and puffing, shuffling in her seat trying to get eye contact with this girl which I was finding hilarious because If you’re gonna make it that obvious you might as well have the guts to just say something right?

To be fair she was getting looks from pretty much everyone in that carriage, even me, But I was more impressed that she was managing to paint 3 nails in 1 stop. She was fast and wasn’t making too much of a mess! If this was me I’d blatantly end up with half the polish around my fingers and probably on my clothes. There was a guy next to her that was intentionaly coughing, *ahem* *ahem* every few seconds, plus the other guy to her right got up in a mood after a few minutes and said under his breath ‘oh for gods sake’ and then stood by the door constantly stared at this girl! Am I missing something here? Is it really that bad? If she started to get her feet out and giver herself a pedicure scraping of her heel crusts I can undertsand, but painting nails on the tube? I don’t actually mind, Well I’m getting high from the smell so of course I’m ok with it, In fact, I like the smell you get at from oil filling up at petrol stations so I’m just weird anyway maybe my opinion is void here ..? What you saying?