I think nowadays we’re all trying to be perfect, have the perfect hair, the ultimate body shape with no imperfections, the perfect nails,  take the perfect selfie, have the right filter, have the perfect job, don’t make any mistakes and be the best.While I think and want all of the above I do think it’s important that sometimes we should just chill, take a back seat and you know what? screw what people think I’m just going to enjoy myself , who cares?! 

I think in life we put far too much pressure on ourselves and take out the enjoyment of a lot of things because we always want better and actually that’s a sad way to live, take radio for instance I used to think you can’t make a mistake you’ve got to be perfect, if you do muck up that’s it, you’re dead, it’s the worst thing ever A big black hole would appear in the ground and hell would unleash killing everything in its path and to make matters even worse… it would all be your fault!! 

Now I’ve come to realise, we’re actually all human we make do make mistakes, the best thing you can do is laugh about it and move on … you’re normal after all! I used to put so much pressure on myself especially when something did go wrong that would be it for the whole day I’d stress out and panic then worry about it for the rest of the day feeling all wound up! In reality people have forgotten about whatever it is you did three minutes later and are talking about something different! 

Stress is a killer it’s not good for the mind body or soul and this brings me onto my favourite Snapchat filter I don’t even need to tell you which is my ultimate one because I’ve been using it on every photo for the last three months ha ha last night I was DJ-ing in Zebranos and I couldn’t use it because I don’t have a flash at the front of my camera and as it was so dark in the club I had to give in to the normal camera, to my surprise  I wasn’t horrified… I mean I do have a big nose chubby cheeks and a massive forehead but actually I wasn’t disgusted at me because in truth I want to look like I do in that snapchat filter, I want to wake up looking like that ! I think I almost forgot what I actually look like in real life! ( for the record please don’t think I’m gonna stop using it because I won’t … just maybe lay off using it on every dam photo )

So anyway this is just a little HAPPY blog to tell you that it’s ok to muck up every now and again, we can make mistakes and not be the best and still have the most incredible life! Last night was a real example of that while I was DJ-ing having a wicked time I absolutely clanged two tunes together and cringed at the sound of it and thought oh God You’re all gonna think I’m crap boooo me and maybe throw a drink at me!?! However instead of stressing myself out I turned the tune up and practically danced on the decks everyone was having a good time and I didn’t panic, I moved on …. basically the moral of the story is if you screw up it’s not gonna end you, it’s a minor hiccup. Not caring about what people think of you and say about you is actually a skill, I haven’t learnt that yet but am trying, I think once you crack that you open up a whole load of new doors and inspiration in your life!! You only life once right? So what’s the point in stressing over the crap let’s give two fingers up forget the cannots and remember we’re doing today not tomorrow ! Let’s do it!