So the world has gone crazy for Pokemon go! It’s the biggest distraction ever created and it’s got everyone addicted! 

At first I was totally no way am I gonna download it nope, not gonna happen… Cut to three days later EVERYONES ON IT! I’ve had Pokemon on my head in the KISS studio, seen people walking down the road waving their phone around looking for one, in the park while waking my dogs I’ve seen families in and out of the bushes trying to find them, people are doing it on the tube, getting caught out at their exes house looking for them, people have been finding them in bins!! No joke, this is really happening, check the Pokemongo hash tag on twitter.., going threw your neighbours bin is seriously way too much and literally about 3 minutes ago I’m on the phone to my friend ( I promised I won’t name and shame or show you the picture she just sent me … I wish I could but she’ll go nuts ) anyway she found one while she was on the loo doing a number 2 !!! It’s the purple one with wings just sitting there on her knees … It’s a sight I’m not gonna get outta my head for a long time! Ha ha 

So obviously I’m joining in I have to now, even my mate mike ( who I thought would hate it has downloaded it ) I’m gonna say goodbye now as I know I will get sucked in and will probably be non stop talking about it for the next few weeks literally annoying everyone I know joining in on the pokemongo hunt! Goodbye life….