Dealing with pressure is a skill, now you’d probably think that after years in radio I would be all super confident, know it all and not have any pressure at all when the mic goes up … WRONG !!!!
If you know me, then you know that I’m an absolute idiot! ( In a nice way obviously ) I still have the butterflies when I put the mic up and when it comes to competitions and outside broadcasting,  I love what I do and want to smash it everytime however, I’ve noticed there’s a rather large octopus having a little dance in my stomach that says ‘ don’t muck it up ‘ obviously I tell him to shut up and pipe down! But he’s still in there having a laugh at my expense … So rude
I don’t think that I will ever lose that and that’s not a bad thing because it makes me work harder and throw myself into it more. ( however I don’t wanna be speaking to an octopus in my stomach the rest of
My life because that would just be weird right ? )
 For me, preparation is key, which is kind of strange because I’m actually the most unorganized person I know in life, but when it comes to radio I’m all over it? Strange right?
Confidence is essential! As long as you have the confidence in your own ability you can make it to the top.
We’re always gonna make mistakes we’re human not robots so relax and just enjoy it, have a laugh when it goes wrong and move on ( Swiftly ) and screw the haters they’re not worth wasting time or energy on, you’re doing you and owning your talent.
One of my little pet hates are when people blame the past for the reason they aren’t succeeding no no no, the past is unchangeable It’s already done, so let that be that, the future is down to you it’s your responsibility. I am a strong believer in you can do anything you set your mind to, man has set foot on the moon for Christ sake and I’ve got a dancing octopus in my stomach … anything and everything is possible! So if you want it? Go get it as there’s no point in sitting there moaning that it’s not happening.
In this industry you will get turned down, told that your demo isn’t good enough, you’re not right for the station, you need more experience etc .. treat a NO as a positive, every NO I got made me work harder and bang even louder on their doors till they opened so it actually helped me get where I am today.
Get loads of experience, listen, learn and know what it is you want to do and where you want to be. What is your end goal? Once you’ve set this you can make your way to achieving it. Remember knowledge is power ( I’m sure I got that from the film I watched last night )
Life’s not short we’re here for an average of 85 years, that’s more than enough to enjoy life, make a positive impact on the planet and get to where you wanna be.
Remember knowledge is power ( I’m sure I got that from the film I watched last night )