Oh Kanye you are the king of it! I think you’re hilarious! What better place to have a good old rant and rave about everything that pi**es you off than to have an audience of  thousands of your fans all listening to you while you lay into your mates and set the world right?! I’ve often thought of doing that on air but obviously I always come to my senses and talk myself out of it, well I scare myself and just hope none of my nonsense comes out when the mic turns red… I dread that one day I have a total melt down and have a ‘Kanye moment’  ( I really hope this doesn’t happen ) But come on, who doesn’t love a good rant ? I’m gonna give you one right now, I just had the worse day driving into central London when everyone said oh do it on a Sunday as it’s so quiet and there’ll be loads of free parking on single yellow lines … Ermmmm cut to 7.55am hitting golden square and getting diverted around the place all because of a kids parade! Then I spent the next 15 minutes texting everyone with a brain to help me sending them pictures of my car, the street and everything around me to see if it was ok there. ( I even text my boss who was probably thinking ‘Oh for christ sake Is this girl for real’ He probably thinks I’m an idiot now to be fair ) Anyway I managed to park and after everyone said that yes you’re fine in that space I was all good to get out the car. I still stressed out through the whole show that I was gonna get a ticket so when I came out you can imagine how happy I was to be ticket free! Wahooooo

What came next was something straight out of ground hog day, I’ve lived In London practically all my life but have never driven around soho, I think I’ve always avoided it because whenever I’ve got an Uber at 1am after a night out it takes 20 minutes just to go down two roads, It’s always jammed and everyones beeping everyone moving at a slugs pace and cars are just too close to each other, I panic if I’m going through small spaces ( I sound like a right wuss ! I promise you I’m not I just wasn’t made to be a driver ) Now back to my rant, because of all the diversions waze and google maps were both trying to take me on the same route which I couldn’t go so I went round in circles 3 dam times which took ages because of slow moving cars  and one way routes arggggggggggg! How can I not know these roads I walk down them every day…. I think my heads in the clouds most of the time as I have no sense of direction at all, Like if I didn’t shout out the window to a cabbie how do I get outta here I would probably still be driving round beak street in gear 1 hoping the diversion ends as my petrol would definitely be running out by now. That is the last time I drive into central London and listen to anyone who tells me it’s the best because it’s a ‘Sunday’ That was probably one of the worse decisions I had made recently, well that and tweeting on my phone whilst walking across the road oblivious to the cars coming round the corner… Once again I’m not the only person who thinks i’m an idiot… anyway RANT OVER see I understand Kanye now, It’s good to just let it all out!