1 – When you always ask to keep the hanger at the till

2– You find clothes stuffed under your bed, In your basement, In spare cupboards In the living room, Holiday bits still In your suitcase and yet you STILL can’t find anything to wear

3– Every event you’re Invited to means buying a new outfit

4– Your clothes always need to be ironed because you’ve rammed them into your drawers/wardrobe

5– Trying to anything that actually goes with your top takes HOURS

6– You never have enough hangers and have to steal your flatmates

7– You end up having a clear out every month

8– You can’t open the wardrobe in fear that┬ámassive pile of clothes you rammed in on the top shelf comes crashing down

9– You’ve been saving up for that walk in wardrobe for a while now

10– Your credit card is ALWAYS maxed out