Hey guys !!! 
TODAY I’m jumping into the Thames to get rescued by a massive 13 stone dog !!!!! It’s for the PDSA which was my first work experience job I got when I was 16, I spent a week at the vet centre in Abbey Wood.
From the age of 5 I kept saying I wanted to be a vet as I always wanted to help the animals, after spending time with the PDSA I realised how much amazing hard work they did and how not all situations had a happy ending. It was here that I realised maybe being a vet wasn’t for me as I couldn’t cope with some of the not staying  happy moments ( PLUS I got a D in maths and a DD in science ) THIS charity provides free vet care to the sick and injured pets of people in need and promotes responsible pet ownership, so of course I jumped at the chance of raising money for them!

Im trying to get to £1000 which will buy new X Ray machines for the poorly ones !!! Sponsor me if you can as I’m gonna see how much I can raise in 24 hours !!! Just click HERE 

I will post loads of videos and pictures of me in the Thames and the big cuddly new foundland dog who’s gonna rescue me!! ( will  be able to take him home with me tho?? I think I should … )