Right I love a beach selfie, trying to get the right angle to give yourself the perfect shape, I even find it funny breathing in and holding my breath when taking a bikini selfie to make it look like I’ve got an ironing board stomach but this new ‘ribcage bragging’ thing going around is NOT my cup of tea … I’m not even a fan of the thigh gap. I feel that a womanly shape Is full of curves and that’s what makes us beautiful and sexy.

I have hips, thighs, and ass and yes I try to keep them all in check and toned however the more I look at everyone’s pictures the more I end up trying to change certain aspects of my body and thinking I need to lose weight and breath in even more, I can’t help it but believe me if I hold my breath any longer in these pictures I’m gonna pass out for sure!

The ‘thigh gap’ trend was quite scary if I’m honest, yes some women have this naturally but trying to slim down so much just to get this airy space in between your legs is ridiculous! Who decided it was sexier or more beautiful than to not have one? Yes I would like thinner thighs because my size 10 trousers are getting a big snug now but, I really don’t mind If my thighs make contact in fact, I didn’t even realise there was an issue until I saw the thigh gap trending and everyone hashtagging it on instagram, then I was like ‘ oh, mine aren’t like that, Damn! How do I get that gap ‘ I think it’s safe to say most of us have some kind of insecurities about our bodies, whether it be our tummies, boobs, arms, legs, butt, lips etc… We constantly want perfection or to have what other people have.

For a while, I couldn’t stop using that snapchat beautifier filter and actually hated a normal picture of myself. Yes, it’s fine to change your body and make improvements to make yourself happier but to follow a trend because everyone else is doing it is ridiculous. Righ now having your ribcage poking out seems to be the in thing … I was a size 8 once ¬†( a very long time ago ) and you could see mine poking out plus my collar bone was very visible. Do we really need to be thinking this is the ‘new sexy’ ?? Personally, I’m not a fan but I’m sure this will keep trending till the next super skinny trend hits us. I’m out, like literally count me out I’m just gonna maintain what I’ve got and try to stop my obsession with filtering myself¬†beyond recognition…. This could take some time.