So watching Rich Kids Of Instagram last night … And while I thought some of it was absolutely ridiculous ( like getting Botox at 14!!! ) I was kinda happy to know that it’s not just you and me who have been plagued by spending ages on our phone everyday getting “the perfect” Instagram picture!

Come on we’re all guilty of sitting on the beach on holiday phone heating up in the sun as its taken you the 20th time to get the tanned legs looking on point the sea in view, cocktail placed to the right, sunglasses on the lounger and you’re holding in your stomach not breathing while constantly snapping away trying to get the angle right whilst pouting all the way!¬† Then it’s time for the filters and if we’re being honest sometimes we’re using three or four just to get the right look.

The amount of times James has had a go at me for being in a restaurant and I’m like hold on don’t touch the plate, I then move it around to get the right angle then tell him to move back and get his hands and arms out of view so I can take the shot… Does this sound familiar?

So yeah social media has kinda taken over all of our lives, what percentage of the day do you think you’re on the phone? Wake up check Twitter look who’s been uploading on Instagram and who’s messaged you on Facebook… I’m sitting on the tube and haven’t been off my phone even tho I should blatantly start putting some make up on but wanted to give you some food for thought…

The only difference between the Rich Kids Of Instagram and us is that they spend ages flashing their cash photographing themselves wearing Rolexs sipping champagne on the bonnet of the latest Ferrari while personally I spend double the time using as many filters as I can in my Topshop dress drinking an egg nog latte standing in front of some else’s Silver Mini¬† (because I don’t have a car) I actually took that photo for you this morning at 7.40am but then deleted it, 1. because I looked rough as hell I haven’t had time to put on any make up and my hair looks like side shop Bob on a bad day this morning… 2. I was already running late and the first three photos I took were horrible and 3. my neighbour might not like their car in shot plus honestly would you really want to see that? Would you click like on that photo? Nah lets be honest you’d keep on scrolling down your timeline for something way better.
Ok rant over…I like chatting you I feel as thought I can get things off my chest, now if you wanna follow me on Instagram you’re more than welcome to… In fact I’d love it :)) Just don’t expect flashing lights glitz and glam it’s just me my dog and James
I’m @pandoratweets

Ha ha have a good day !