I wanna start by saying I’m not actually a fan of secret santa presents because generally you get a load of cheap rubbish that instantly goes into your draw to be forgotten about for another year until you go on a major clean out and find that forgotten gift, only to then throw it in the bin, we’ve all done this millions of times right? Personally I think everyone should up the price to £20 as you have a better chance of getting something good but hey ho its’s £10 or under so we will stick tho that, Here’s a few ideas that might help you out:

1- Beauty Advent Calendar

This is a fun one from Superdrug at just £8! Forget secretly shoving mini chocolates into your breakfast as soon as it hits December 1st, this is a real fun one with some great little bits in from lipgloss to blusher.

2 – Gin And Tonic Bath Salts

Well not much I can say about this apart from what’s not to love? It’s made with natural sea salts and it smells like you should jump right in with a straw and start drinking .. but don’t … obviously

3- Prosecco And Strawberry Lip Balm

Currently at £7.45 who wouldn’t want prosecco and strawberries mixed together on their lips?

5-Doggie Christmas Jumper

If your secret santa friend has a dog, have a look at this as it’s just too cute, I have a staffie and a bulldog cross so it would look stupid on them …. but you know I’m still gonna get it, It’s cold now right so it’s only fair to have them in something cosy … and cute … and christmas related.

I hate missing out on a deal, getting any percentage off instantly makes me happy, I’m like a marketing persons dream. All you gotta do is show me something with bright colours and say there’s £1 off and bam I think i’m getting a good deal! So with it being Black Friday recently and now it’s Cyber Monday what are you waiting for ? No need to step foot in the mayhem that’s descended practically every shop get online … I’m currently wasting my whole night sitting in bed on my laptop with The Blacklist on and buying a load of crap that I probably don’t even need … That I blatantly don’t need.