Yes It’s raining In June and yes I have just got absolutely soaked stepping outside for like ten minutes, so my current look is that of a woman who has been slapped in the face with a large wet trout! I can feel me looking like my dog smudge! Now I don’t want to be that person who moans about the weather constantly so I’m just gonna do it now, Quickly have a big one and then forever hold my peace….

So on my way to the station I had to dodge 3 massive umbrellas that nearly poked my eyes out and yanked out chunks of my hair, It was like dodge the hazzard on one of those online computer games, People if you are using an umbrella whatever the size, please look up and not down at your feet, there are people coming towards you trying to pass who are having to literally jump out your way, Your head and eyes are covered from getting wet so look where you’re going! Arrrrg!

Anyway that’s what started this rant, plus the girl that lost her cool sitting on the train shouting at anyone who looked in her direction all because her feet were wet ( she was wearing sandals ?? So come on what you playing at ? Even I can work out what you’ve done wrong… Next time look out the window or check the weather app before you dress like you’re in Ibiza and blame other people for getting your feet wet! )

 Meooooooooow!!!…. I’ve obviously got a full on mood on! I think I’m tired because I’m having a moan which Isn’t like me ( either that or it’s that time of the month :/ oh dear ) 

Last moan here I promise… My hair in this weather Is just AWFUL, I spent 30 minutes drying it and putting literally everything I have In my wardrobe on it this morning, getting it big and fluffy and then It gets destroyed In just 3 minutes of stepping outside my front door. WHAT WAS THE POINT? I don’t know why I didn’t just scrape it all back and save myself time… I’m an Idiot… Ok rant over.. I’m getting off the train now about to get my breast stroke on and start swimming down the road so see ya later :))