Ok this is a real strange one because I’m still baffled every time I go to brush my teeth! A few weeks a go I met the girls from the Beverley Hills Formula company and they gave me a few bits to try, since then I have been brushing my teeth with black toothpaste that has activated charcoal in it!! Yep that’s what I thought black toothpaste…. No joke … look 
It doesn’t seem right but it actually works! I keep playing with it any time I’m in the bathroom because it doesn’t seem real, the amount of times I’ve snap chatted about it people must be getting bored but I’m still wowed by the colour of the toothpaste!

I’m a coffee drinker through and through so always use a tooth whitening paste as I don’t wanna be a yellow toothed Jeremy Kyle guest lookalike kinda gal! I’m using the charcoal mouthwash too and yes it’s BLACK too! ( looks well freaky when you spit it out in the sink ) You’d think it would stain your teeth a darkish grey but nope, it’s actually making my teeth whiter and brighter! So you get that Hollywood smile without the big dent in the bank account! Ha So it’s a big thumbs up from me guys!

Oh and I nearly forgot to tell you, there’s also a gold one which comes out yellow too and guess what…? It’s got real gold particles in it!!! This is insane right?! I know but I like it, I haven’t used that one yet but you know I’m gonna give it a go even if it’s just so I can say I brush my teeth with gold and what !?!?!