If you do….. Maybe do a little bit more research…like seriously because boy are they hard work  ( but the love and joy you get back is incredible! ) People do say it’s great practice before having a baby.

It’s the running around to make sure she doesn’t  wee or poo on the carpet, the constantly checking to make sure there’s nothing on the floor for her to chew, taking her out every 3 hours and the making sure Henry and her are playing ok.

Our new gorgeous little girl has us on our toes non stop! She’s a real energetic bundle of fun that can eat like a gremlin! I love the sounds she makes while scoffing her food down as if it’s going to disappear, it gets me every time! 

I’ve never had a 5 month old pup before and even tho one of my best mates is a puppy trainer and is always telling me stories I didn’t think that It would be so full on! Now don’t think it’s all bad because it’s not I’m currently sat with Henry inbetween my legs with a pillow on top of him and SMUDGEY on my lap, it’s like doggie Jenga! I’m loving it!

Henry has taken to her so well, she has annoyed him a few times by jumping all over him and stealing his toys while they’re in his mouth, but she is learning well and today I caught them having a great time in the living room rolling all over each other playing! Plus I’ve noticed they keep swapping beds, You know what I can’t wait for the day they both curl up in bed together.

You have to be so careful when getting a second dog that your first dog doesn’t get jealous. I’ve been following some simple steps like always treating Henry first, always feeding him first and making sure I have one on one time with him too. 

I’ve always said I want 3 dogs, one massive one medium one small, now everyone keeps saying SMUDGEY is going to be huge so I’ve already got the large and medium sorted will just have to wait till our little girl is older ( and we have a bigger house ) then we can get a little one my other two can look after…. James knows this is going to happen he’s just not ready for it… Might never be BUT we are having a pack of 3 :))