How do we stay healthy In January when we’re all waiting for payday to come and get us out of this hell hole. Don’t you find the healthier you are the more money you spend? I’m currently experiencing an episode of balloon belly, ( this is a self-diagnosis by the way ) At first I thought I’m gluten intolerant but cutting it out completely for the last 4 weeks hasn’t changed a thing so next, it’s dairy that’s going down the toilet.

Anyway since I’ve been aware of what I need to stay away from I’ve noticed that I’m spending way more on food in fact I’m doubling It every time I go to the shops. I went to whole food today to get sourdough bread ( I thought that was acceptable because It’s gluten-free ) So I ran In there and picked up a loaf that cost £6.25 I honestly couldn’t understand what had just happened?! Did I slip something else into the basket as a little surprise to myself ?… Am I shopping for the queen? nope It was just a loaf of bread for £6.25

So how the hell do we eat healthily and stay within our means of living and not bankrupt ourselves? Well, I’m working on that at the moment. I’ve been told that to build muscle and lose weight you need lots of healthy foods so out go the crisps, the Linda McCartney vegetable pies ( which I have an addiction for ) all the cereals, chocolate bars ( that I need on standby every ‘time of the month’ ) Out go the pastries, tinned soups and bye bye to the salted caramel ice cream that’s been hiding in my freezer … It’s all gotta go

Plan your meals

How much do you spend while you’re at work/college/uni on breakfast, lunch and snacks? It all adds up and costs us a small fortune every single week, so get your ass into the kitchen and start planning your meals a day ahead.

Stop buying junk food

I know this sounds simple but come on, I do it all the time. I just seem to hover around the crisps and biscuit aisle and boom in go the crackers and family sized salt and vinegar crisps.

Don’t shop when you’re hungry

This is the worst because all you’re thinking is where’s my quick fix? I’m in a rush and just wanna get out and eat so what canI put In my mouth? When you’re like this your brain is telling you all you need is a jumbo sausage roll … don’t do it,  put that down and go find the celery … Yuk

Stock up on the sales

I am the absolute don of this because I love a bargain and I just freeze it when I get in and stock up so even when I run out of stuff In the fridge I always got a back up in the freezer.

Buy online

I swear there are more discounts online than there is when you go In the store! How and why is this possible? I don’t know but there’s always some discount codes and deals to be found also It comes straight to your door RESULT!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive we just have to put the effort in to sift out the good deals. I’m on a hunt to find out what’s making my belly so huge so no carbs and dairy at the moment … Ooooh what a lovely time I’m having at the moment ….